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(Closest = Shortest distance to a strike position in whose calculation the station was involved)
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
714StubbekøbingDenmarkEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:31762511400 km2495 km
764Berlin SchmöckwitzLoop & E-Field AntennaGermanySouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:321299410942200 km6002 km
764Berlin SchmöckwitzLoop & E-Field AntennaGermanyAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:321299210941200 km5243 km
801Legnano - MISystem RED - posizione provvis...ItalyEurope 1Bad GPS2024-04-12 21:0290000 km0 km
801Legnano - MISystem RED - posizione provvis...ItalyEurope 2Bad GPS2024-04-12 21:0295550 km899 km
801Legnano - MISystem RED - posizione provvis...ItalyEurope 3Bad GPS2024-04-12 21:0295550 km899 km
820VilsbiburgGermanySouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:32752017081210 km7708 km
820VilsbiburgGermanyAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:32752017081640 km9541 km
82972406 BisingenRed: Ant: 2x SKS 300/15 DL1SEWGermanySouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:338710525000 km0 km
82972406 BisingenRed: Ant: 2x SKS 300/15 DL1SEWGermanyAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:338710525000 km0 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandEurope 1Idle2024-04-12 20:401711000 km0 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandSouth America 1Idle2024-04-12 20:401711110 km11760 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandAfrica 1Idle2024-04-12 20:401711000 km0 km
909Ivan okr. Prostejov (RED)REDCzech RepublicAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:31110309538410 km6148 km
993Maui, HawaiiShielded 300 x 7.5mm ferrite, ...United States / HawaiiAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3229561788000 km0 km
1096Shanklinrather noisy :(United KingdomSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3263713227000 km0 km
1096Shanklinrather noisy :(United KingdomAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3263713227000 km0 km
1109Brusand (Test)E-field - TestNorwayAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:32427012200 km3775 km
1223Saint-BernardFranceAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:33549128731220 km5163 km
1332WolmaransstadSituated on the farm Leeufonte...South AfricaEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:31440172440 km4957 km
1332WolmaransstadSituated on the farm Leeufonte...South AfricaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3144017213130 km6214 km
1368Belfast (Sydenham Red) * 30cm ...System redUnited KingdomSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3290092932110 km6383 km
1418RegensburgSystem Red, loop-antennaGermanyIndia 1Running2024-04-12 21:2917439310 km2394 km
1492Łódź, Nowe Złotno (Blue)Robert SP7RBPolandSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:2540341100 km7205 km
1492Łódź, Nowe Złotno (Blue)Robert SP7RBPolandAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:254034900 km6068 km
1530TokyoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:32560519000 km0 km
1530TokyoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:32560519000 km0 km
1584HeidenheimSystem Blue - Ferrite 200 shie...GermanySouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3267103036710 km7601 km
1584HeidenheimSystem Blue - Ferrite 200 shie...GermanyAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3267103036820 km5579 km
1595Gothenburg, Slaettadamm1a:N-S, 1b:E-W, 1c:U-DSwedenSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:325765711500 km7568 km
1595Gothenburg, Slaettadamm1a:N-S, 1b:E-W, 1c:U-DSwedenAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:335735681500 km5871 km
1611GörnitzGermanyAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:172928800 km5862 km
1649Kurrajong HeightsAustralia / New South WalesSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3221371724330 km8472 km
1649Kurrajong HeightsAustralia / New South WalesAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3221371724000 km0 km
1656Stourbridge West MidlandsBlue E & H field since April 2...United KingdomAfrica 1Interference2024-04-12 21:331134810540710 km4357 km
1666SapporoHokkaido Univ. &SITJapanEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:322503212314110 km6686 km
1678TucsonE and H Antennas on TowerUnited States / ArizonaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3280000 km0 km
1701KašinaBLUE Ferrite 2x200mmCroatiaSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3010492710 km9677 km
1705Schagerbrug, JO22JSNetherlandsEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:321289930 km2266 km
1717DerbyUnited KingdomSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3392946756920 km5242 km
1717DerbyUnited KingdomAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3392946756910 km5270 km
1720APIASMD & SITSamoaAsia 1Running2024-04-12 21:32758660210 km5341 km
1720APIASMD & SITSamoaSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:32758660110 km5312 km
1720APIASMD & SITSamoaJapan 1Running2024-04-12 21:327586601460 km5429 km
1751LouisianaUnited States / MissouriAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3327758619320 km4554 km
1810StrausbergGermanySouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3291891112100 km6822 km
1818Renaico, IX RegionFirst station in Chile!ChileAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:322543417725660 km9221 km
1833KingstonLoops N-S and E-WAustralia / TasmaniaSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3312163830131290 km12027 km
1833KingstonLoops N-S and E-WAustralia / TasmaniaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:33121658303440 km10987 km
1883Pamvotis-IoanninaBLUE H+E-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:0617171770 km1981 km
1899Banská BystricaSlovakia (Slovak Republic)South America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3225374691600 km10030 km
1907KATSIKAS-IOANNINABLUE H+E-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:061616830 km5653 km
1924NayoroHokkaido Univ. &SITJapanEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:322537227115140 km6873 km
1929MaynoothTesting System BlueIrelandSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3276447455760 km5273 km
1929MaynoothTesting System BlueIrelandAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3276447455200 km5032 km
1998DhakaBUET, Kyoto Univ.& SITBangladeshEurope 1Idle2024-04-12 21:0177650 km3880 km
1998DhakaBUET, Kyoto Univ.& SITBangladeshOceania 1Idle2024-04-12 21:0177770 km5206 km
1998DhakaBUET, Kyoto Univ.& SITBangladeshSouth America 1Idle2024-04-12 21:0177000 km0 km
1998DhakaBUET, Kyoto Univ.& SITBangladeshAfrica 1Idle2024-04-12 21:0177110 km3697 km
2013Kota KinabaluReplacement for 1867MalaysiaAsia 1Running2024-04-12 21:1844110 km1916 km
2015SpearfishUnited States / South DakotaSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:322858721641140 km4015 km
2020KyotoKyoto Univ. & SITJapanEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:3096541000 km0 km
2020KyotoKyoto Univ. & SITJapanAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3096541000 km0 km
2028ShinjukuKamo-labJapanEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:332540284000 km0 km
2028ShinjukuKamo-labJapanSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:332576320000 km0 km
2028ShinjukuKamo-labJapanAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:332576320000 km0 km
2072AmayBelgiumSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:306232900 km8725 km
2072AmayBelgiumAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:306232900 km3110 km
2090EnsayAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2024-04-12 21:325879891620 km3038 km
2090EnsayAustralia / VictoriaAsia 1Running2024-04-12 21:32587889000 km0 km
2090EnsayAustralia / VictoriaSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:32587988000 km0 km
2090EnsayAustralia / VictoriaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:32587989000 km0 km
2090EnsayAustralia / VictoriaJapan 2Running2024-04-12 21:32587989220 km8190 km
2097FlechtorfGermanyEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:32751197000 km0 km
2097FlechtorfGermanyEurope 2Running2024-04-12 21:32753199000 km0 km
2097FlechtorfGermanyEurope 3Running2024-04-12 21:32751197000 km0 km
2098Neerim EastAustralia / VictoriaSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:3170501090 km11837 km
2098Neerim EastAustralia / VictoriaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:317050110 km11987 km
2105Port LincolnAustralia / South AustraliaEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:2465000 km0 km
2105Port LincolnAustralia / South AustraliaSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:2465000 km0 km
2105Port LincolnAustralia / South AustraliaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:2465000 km0 km
2105Port LincolnAustralia / South AustraliaEurope 2Running2024-04-12 21:2465100 km15957 km
2105Port LincolnAustralia / South AustraliaEurope 3Running2024-04-12 21:2465100 km15957 km
2119Liestal 2 (blue)SwitzerlandSouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:33809250200 km9056 km
2119Liestal 2 (blue)SwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:33809250200 km2540 km
2124RuhnuSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:3259823100 km2205 km
2124RuhnuSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaAsia 1Running2024-04-12 21:3259823420 km398 km
2124RuhnuSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3259823000 km0 km
2128MetsakülaSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:288381700 km5994 km
2139MooroolbarkV9.5b1 Blue, quiet PSU, low im...Australia / VictoriaEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:32654445740 km8583 km
2139MooroolbarkV9.5b1 Blue, quiet PSU, low im...Australia / VictoriaAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:32654445220 km11156 km
2150ChitoseKamo-labJapanEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:322918590110 km5526 km
2157CuernavacaJust online, still testing. No...MexicoAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:3282065696650 km9154 km
2166FukushimaKamo-labJapanEurope 1Running2024-04-12 21:33117024053000 km0 km
2166FukushimaKamo-labJapanAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:33117024053000 km0 km
2188KoblenzTestbetrieb - noch nicht final...GermanySouth America 1Running2024-04-12 21:32529636391900 km8875 km
2188KoblenzTestbetrieb - noch nicht final...GermanyAfrica 1Running2024-04-12 21:32529636391400 km5833 km
2220Pardinho - SPLittle Paradise FarmBrazilOceania 1Running2024-04-12 21:33142279312000 km0 km
2257Lahad Daturestarted 24/1/23, noise highMalaysiaAsia 1Idle2024-04-12 20:22706401110 km2080 km
2257Lahad Daturestarted 24/1/23, noise highMalaysiaJapan 2Idle2024-04-12 20:22706401200 km3983 km
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