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(Used = Number of selected signals used to compute the strike position)
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
1598Bergkvara:2System Blue, SM7YIDSwedenSouth America 1Interference2021-08-01 18:0020467000 km0 km
1598Bergkvara:2System Blue, SM7YIDSwedenEurope 1Interference2021-08-01 17:59333101135 km1135 km
1600KemiönsaariBlue - 90 cm loop + E-fieldFinlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 16:590000716 km1535 km
1602UithoornNetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-07-05 06:1100000 km0 km
1604VaasaFinlandEurope 1Bad GPS2020-11-03 16:4700000 km0 km
1607Tillberga VasterasSystem Blue 20 cm rodsSwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:591711801473 km1483 km
1608Astcote, NorthamptonshireCoax Loop and Ferrites (Blue)United KingdomEurope 1Running2021-07-12 09:1900000 km0 km
1609Bremen-FargeBlue, 3xferrite rod 200mm shie...GermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:593527901136 km1197 km
1610GermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:5921000 km0 km
1612Singapore (1612)Station 1612SingaporeAsia 1Bad GPS2020-03-27 11:2700000 km0 km
1612Singapore (1612)Station 1612SingaporeOceania 1Bad GPS2020-03-27 11:2700000 km0 km
1615ChirolsElectric fence problems ....FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:276145000 km0 km
1620BingleyUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2020-06-09 16:2600000 km0 km
1622Peterborough, CambridgeshireBlue E & H FieldUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:271000358 km2414 km
1623Brzeg DolnyPolandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:593118180190 km1895 km
1625Pedara (CT) - System Blue 1625System Blue 1625ItalyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 17:5911000 km0 km
1626Kreuzau-ObermaubachGermanyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:0017664000 km0 km
1626Kreuzau-ObermaubachGermanySouth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:0017190000 km0 km
1627Alston, Cumbria3 x 38cm 20t loopsUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:586330614 km2473 km
1629WiesendangenSwitzerlandEurope 1Interference2021-07-31 21:5500000 km0 km
1631CarinaCu pipe loop & Toroid CouplerAustralia / QueenslandOceania 1Running2021-08-01 17:5811102072 km2072 km
1632TrelleborgSystem Blue, SM7ZDESwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:592110156 km1590 km
1634Villefranche de LRGS [BLUE]FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:596440476 km2939 km
1636WettzellGermanyEurope 1Running2019-04-19 10:2700000 km0 km
1637Ryton2 loops + EUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:5915111101596 km4419 km
1638BolognaBLUE 2x20FR H+EItalyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:49682601000 km0 km
1639Mühlheim an der DonauSystem BlueGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:59262560780 km791 km
1641EdgewaterUnited States / MarylandNorth America 1Offline2019-03-23 03:1400000 km0 km
1643DessauStation Blue mit Loop-AntennenGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:5917810110316 km316 km
1645NewcastleH1-NE/SW, H2-NW/SE, H3-N/S in ...United KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:592515701884 km1891 km
1646HyogoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 1Running2021-08-01 18:011090000 km0 km
1646HyogoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanOceania 1Running2021-08-01 18:006158201697 km1727 km
1647EchucaE-, 2.5mm2 100mm. H - 1mt lo...Australia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2018-11-20 10:3100000 km0 km
1649Kurrajong HeightsAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2021-07-01 06:4000000 km0 km
1650Wilhering4 Filter 100kHzAustriaAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 16:4000000 km0 km
1650Wilhering4 Filter 100kHzAustriaSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 16:4000000 km0 km
1650Wilhering4 Filter 100kHzAustriaEurope 1Running2021-08-01 16:401614000 km0 km
1655LubbockNational Weather ServiceUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 12:2900000 km0 km
1656Stourbridge West MidlandsBlue E field Only at presentUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:59210000 km0 km
1661Leipzig-GohlisBlue, 2x200 FerritGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:597420272 km1903 km
1663Singhofen, Rheinland-PfalzGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:598755480231 km1102 km
1665Wiesengiech/ScheßlitzSystem Blue. 2x H-Field geschi...GermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:591613110317 km881 km
1666SapporoHokkaido Univ. &SITJapanJapan 1Running2021-08-01 18:011470000 km0 km
1668ManchesterUnited States / New HampshireNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:004742100674 km995 km
1669LachsfeldAustriaAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:01902372000 km0 km
1669LachsfeldAustriaSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:00868791000 km0 km
1671Cham/Zug (BLUE)Stations 1671SwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:01181138000 km0 km
1671Cham/Zug (BLUE)Stations 1671SwitzerlandSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:00161140000 km0 km
1671Cham/Zug (BLUE)Stations 1671SwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:593632701020 km1033 km
1673Singapore (1673)Station 1673SingaporeAsia 1Running2020-02-24 13:1000000 km0 km
1673Singapore (1673)Station 1673SingaporeOceania 1Running2020-02-24 13:1000000 km0 km
1676VormsundLA9XKANorwayAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:0015941000 km0 km
1676VormsundLA9XKANorwaySouth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:0015979000 km0 km
1677VelbertBlue, 3x 200mm ferrite rodGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:271110204 km1147 km
1678TucsonE and H Antennas on TowerUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:00182116000 km0 km
1678TucsonE and H Antennas on TowerUnited States / ArizonaunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:244530401635 km2518 km
1679BallaratE-field built-in, and now grou...Australia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2021-08-01 17:0620000 km0 km
1680KrefeldSystem BlueGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:271000178 km1205 km
1681Heidenreichstein - JN78NVOE3APM - System BlueAustriaEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:5923516490470 km559 km
1684TverSystem BlueRussian FederationAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:019652000 km0 km
1684TverSystem BlueRussian FederationSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:008778000 km0 km
1685SwannanoaTestingNew ZealandOceania 1Running2021-08-01 18:00409403102120 km2120 km
1686Rheinauen [RLP]System Blue Testbetrieb - H & ...GermanyEurope 1Bad GPS2021-02-18 14:0100000 km0 km
1687WaldsolmsGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:59662590182 km321 km
1688Alicante City CenterSpainAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:0123437000 km0 km
1688Alicante City CenterSpainEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:593313000 km0 km
1689AnkaraYM2KA - ANTRAKTurkeyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:593027270905 km2434 km
1690RedcarSystem BLUE 2x ferritesUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:272410100539 km2502 km
1693AlbanyBlue: 3H-Orthogonal, E-WireUnited States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:007160150629 km1524 km
1694Salisbury, South Australia3 x 200mm Ferrite + 300mm E. F...Australia / South AustraliaOceania 1Running2021-08-01 18:007667101718 km1718 km
1695BundabergSystem Blue. 38cm loopAustralia / QueenslandOceania 1Running2021-08-01 15:4200000 km0 km
1698Cévennes-Saint Frezal de vent...FranceEurope 1Running2019-05-04 06:2200000 km0 km
1703Austin, TXSystem BlueUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:008077000 km0 km
1704FukuokaShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 1Bad GPS2021-08-01 17:5970000 km0 km
1704FukuokaShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Bad GPS2021-08-01 17:5970000 km0 km
1704FukuokaShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanOceania 1Bad GPS2021-08-01 17:5970000 km0 km
1705Schagerbrug, JO22JSNetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:5222000 km0 km
1706Acquaviva di MontepulcianoItalyEurope 1Bad GPS2021-07-28 16:5100000 km0 km
1707LeckGermanyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:01275204000 km0 km
1708KharkivExperimental antenaUkraineEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:5975000 km0 km
1711Linköping / SkedaSwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:2788501167 km1649 km
1712RoßtalGermanyAsia 1Running2020-10-28 16:4300000 km0 km
1712RoßtalGermanyEurope 1Running2020-10-28 16:4300000 km0 km
1713BüchelbergGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:59121050227 km1049 km
1715Oulu, HerukkaSystem Blue, crossed loopsFinlandAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:01466284104600 km4600 km
1715Oulu, HerukkaSystem Blue, crossed loopsFinlandSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:00422331000 km0 km
1715Oulu, HerukkaSystem Blue, crossed loopsFinlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:5977601402043 km2257 km
1716Bertiolo (UD)Blue 2x20cm ferrite rodsItalyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:591549080416 km696 km
1716Bertiolo (UD)Blue 2x20cm ferrite rodsItalyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 18:01560341000 km0 km
1716Bertiolo (UD)Blue 2x20cm ferrite rodsItalySouth America 1Running2021-08-01 18:00521381000 km0 km
1716Bertiolo (UD)Blue 2x20cm ferrite rodsItalyAsia 1Running2021-08-01 18:0046434730642 km872 km
1717DerbyUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:1500000 km0 km
1720IwakiShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 1Running2021-08-01 18:011020000 km0 km
1720IwakiShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Running2021-08-01 18:008882101130 km1130 km
1721Under constructionUnder constructionJapanJapan 1Running2021-06-07 02:0100000 km0 km
1721Under constructionUnder constructionJapanAsia 1Running2021-06-07 02:0100000 km0 km
1721Under constructionUnder constructionJapanOceania 1Running2021-06-07 02:0100000 km0 km
1722NozayGREENFranceEurope 1Offline2020-06-10 12:4000000 km0 km
1723RochesterShielded Ferrite Rods, 120 mm ...United States / MinnesotaNorth America 1Running2021-07-29 12:1500000 km0 km
1724BåstadSystem BlueSwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-01 17:593322000 km0 km
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