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(Used = Number of selected signals used to compute the strike position)
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2916Island of Syros2Shielded loop, manual mode tes...GreeceEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:0543632920743575389 km7526 km
1891Barriere, BCBlue - E-field 350mm, H-(2) Un...CanadaNorth America 2Bad GPS2023-10-02 07:0327813222625976574766 km7038 km
1903IzmirTesting BlueTurkeyEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:0558193513879571237 km4560 km
2936John DayUnited States / OregonNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:0536166215663141570798 km6692 km
1171Cluj-NapocaRED, 20cm ferrite, shieldedRomaniaEurope 2Running2023-10-02 07:05506844011101569800 km10800 km
2622Virginia Beach, VA+ H-200mm ferritesUnited States / VirginiaEurope 1Running2023-10-02 07:0543401342618075681161 km3404 km
1994Naro-FominskRussian FederationEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:055171375510225671399 km7090 km
1171Cluj-NapocaRED, 20cm ferrite, shieldedRomaniaEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:05507044031078561800 km10800 km
2445West HarwichH-2 200x7.5mm E-100x1.5mmUnited States / MassachusettsNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0534631245122096561629 km4490 km
2912Chibougamau QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:051220694151391559745 km4632 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:0565649157601994552855 km4054 km
1822WilmotFiguring out settings to block...United States / New HampshireNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:0523664149963519544821 km4462 km
1093Prescott (Red)Relocated from N. Bethesda, MD...United States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:05739535331538540227 km4509 km
1503Lincoln CityBlue - two 200mm rods and E fi...United States / OregonNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:05189021268051975381143 km7135 km
1068Grand Junction300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / ColoradoNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0516542122501598537136 km5361 km
1950Ste-Catherine-de-la-J.-Cartier...Blue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0523093173971475534892 km4712 km
2690Grants PassThree 0.9m Loops, 0.5m sense a...United States / OregonNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:05861766543451532958 km6676 km
2911Fermont QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:05142831013742115311236 km5551 km
2608Rozhen NAO, Rhodope Mount.➤ https://meter.acBulgariaEurope 2Running2023-10-02 07:0420461786622529342 km3909 km
2940KirksvilleUnited States / MissouriAsia 1Running2023-10-02 07:052860217309840527809 km4469 km
706Rogers City-REDRED w/1m loops, E-Field & AS39...United States / MichiganNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:04280024311344526197 km4335 km
2608Rozhen NAO, Rhodope Mount.➤ https://meter.acBulgariaEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:0520251767620524342 km3909 km
2940KirksvilleUnited States / MissouriJapan 1Running2023-10-02 07:052861017314766516795 km4572 km
2283RiceH-Field: 2 - 20cm Ferrite Rods...United States / WashingtonJapan 1Running2023-10-02 07:05126219118677514642 km6391 km
2315Hot Springs-3H: 3 ∆ 200 x 7.5mm E: 300 x...United States / ArkansasNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:05968988771377514803 km4032 km
2928PalmdaleBlue, 2 Coax Loop - 100cmUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0519136165772077514643 km4997 km
2954Imperial Oaks - Red300mm split coilUnited States / TexasNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:04252023811114511259 km3100 km
2139MooroolbarkV9.4 Blue, clean site, quiet P...Australia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0525742246567508194 km3583 km
1949SE AuroraE FieldUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:051390595771681503280 km5399 km
2488San Luis Potosi, San Luis Poto...2x 380mm 20 turns loop antenn...MexicoSouth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0549047287421224501190 km5120 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaAsia 1Running2023-10-02 07:056548848133730499535 km4153 km
1737Rockford (1737B)H=1m 16awg 8turn loops, E=15cm...United States / MichiganNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0532964264771274492394 km4479 km
2429Moussala peakBEO-MoussalaBulgariaEurope 2Running2023-10-02 07:0418711638609487452 km3915 km
2396WilmingtonBlue Unshielded Ferrite x 2United States / MassachusettsEurope 1Running2023-10-02 07:052378816889717484758 km4102 km
2429Moussala peakBEO-MoussalaBulgariaEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:0518501622603481452 km3915 km
2864CharlotteUnited States / North CarolinaEurope 1Running2023-10-02 07:0574786583787924811153 km3303 km
2922Plain CityUnited States / UtahNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:051464589851598481306 km4366 km
2925NaplesUnited States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0568070516252331481666 km3531 km
812Albury, NSW.Primary sensorAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0561264593550480311 km5417 km
2901Alix AlbertaCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0463144428872835477373 km6706 km
848Wagga Wagga, NSWAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0579135472558476250 km5322 km
2938Powell ButteCentral OregonUnited States / OregonNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:051036297982866475935 km6156 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaJapan 1Running2023-10-02 07:056551648155640473536 km5532 km
1966Sept-Iles QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0510237864917204691126 km4861 km
2973North America 2Running2023-10-02 07:0526778201594762464872 km5098 km
2176Huntsville (Green Mtn)United States / AlabamaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0525861166731369461878 km3839 km
1439Frankfort BxL▲H-3 xLoop 305mm-80/2 E-250m...United States / KentuckyEurope 1Running2023-10-02 07:054724740238763459918 km3737 km
2118BlackburnSystem Blue 19.4 @ v9.4, H two...Australia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0570524678509456201 km4215 km
2445West HarwichH-2 200x7.5mm E-100x1.5mmUnited States / MassachusettsJapan 1Running2023-10-02 07:0534643245216554561256 km4125 km
2110ManliusW2PJ Weather CenterUnited States / New YorkNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:0540435175912049454759 km4386 km
2580AnkenyUnited States / IowaAsia 1Running2023-10-02 07:0594857303725454715 km4626 km
2517Oro Valley 2United States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0569967303782143453397 km5674 km
2120Keilor ParkSystem Blue. 2x 20cm ferrites....Australia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0525612090573449231 km4220 km
2520Old FieldsUnited States / West VirginiaJapan 1Running2023-10-02 07:0525281143107434491004 km4880 km
2995Kansas CityUnder constructionUnited States / MissouriEurope 1Running2023-10-02 07:05110249243620449915 km4512 km
2979StawellAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0530552219512448288 km3568 km
1745WeimarNE5U Lightning Detection Stati...United States / TexasSouth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:052746717312915446159 km4471 km
2577Bogota D.C.MICNC-EMC-UN [2.1] getting rea...ColombiaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:051678311141921446144 km5580 km
2907Levadia GreeceSystem Blue E-FieldGreeceEurope 2Running2023-10-02 07:0516724144051027444518 km11213 km
1960Roberval QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0517067156541222442826 km4789 km
2690Grants PassThree 0.9m Loops, 0.5m sense a...United States / OregonJapan 1Running2023-10-02 07:05861766546184411241 km6689 km
1824New UlmN5CNB, FrelsburgUnited States / TexasSouth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:042057212226770437189 km4720 km
2950NatickUnited States / MassachusettsNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:0523786168083376437693 km4395 km
1703Austin, TXSystem BlueUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0486877782978435239 km4542 km
2391HeathcoteV9.2 Blue, Leon Mow Radio Obse...Australia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:052370216708509435254 km4146 km
1166Pembroke Pines250mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0544254342241647434649 km3636 km
2907Levadia GreeceSystem Blue E-FieldGreeceEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:0516727144081010431518 km11213 km
2548United States / MassachusettsJapan 1Running2023-10-02 07:0514205129726454291047 km4317 km
1969Matagami QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0525723146141319428472 km4659 km
2334Eagle RiverK9BBN-Eagle River, Wi. ---two ...United States / WisconsinNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0483846097681427146 km3903 km
2445West HarwichH-2 200x7.5mm E-100x1.5mmUnited States / MassachusettsEurope 1Running2023-10-02 07:053463024511673424637 km4133 km
2655Athol Idaho USA╬╬╬ 30cm RED ╬╬╬United States / IdahoNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0525018213942139420580 km5052 km
2934Ciudad GuayanaVenezuelaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:054084431986614419691 km4890 km
2383St LouisUnited States / MissouriAsia 1Running2023-10-02 07:057406751090743418953 km4262 km
2940KirksvilleUnited States / MissouriEurope 1Running2023-10-02 07:052860117308625416812 km4426 km
2595Boone CountyUnited States / NebraskaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:05631153591130414480 km4459 km
2284ConiferConiferUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:0536228278676722413262 km5479 km
946Sherman300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, AS3935United States / ConnecticutNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:05652560492271408780 km4265 km
1042Mesa, AZSystem onlineUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0537349236141586407433 km5756 km
2438Athelstone (IADELA729)2 x 200mm Ferrite, 200mm E-fie...Australia / South AustraliaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0552214199525407266 km5382 km
2497Sadovo➤ https://meter.acBulgariaEurope 2Running2023-10-02 07:0415951374486407352 km1703 km
2497Sadovo➤ https://meter.acBulgariaEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:0415951374479405352 km1703 km
2365Pano ArodesCyprusEurope 2Running2023-10-02 07:05120465228723404692 km5052 km
2365Pano ArodesCyprusEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:05120485230718403692 km5052 km
919AcheronOnlineAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:05112609382446395212 km2644 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineJapan 1Running2023-10-02 07:0523754161295463951186 km4062 km
2639WeavervilleBlue: 3 x 200mm FerritesUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:051041239902120394873 km6108 km
2953StrathalbynSHR/Hallett/CFS SBYN-02Australia / South AustraliaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:052776618190469393309 km5421 km
1248RidgehavenRed E200mm onlyAustralia / South AustraliaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0566914497514389261 km5376 km
1950Ste-Catherine-de-la-J.-Cartier...Blue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaEurope 1Running2023-10-02 07:052309217396584388896 km4317 km
2559NepeanBlue 2x ferrite rod, E-Probe 1...CanadaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:051035691001154387624 km4607 km
1177Athelstane300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-Field...United States / WisconsinNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0513859112221236385130 km4177 km
1079Taylor300mm shielded ferriteUnited States / MichiganNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 07:0434001453986383541 km3818 km
2175IronbankAustralia / South AustraliaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 07:0531972808434382283 km2840 km
2490Sarnegor, Sredna Gora Mount.➤ https://meter.acBulgariaEurope 2Running2023-10-02 07:0413651206461382373 km1700 km
1270Red Deer, AlbertaE-Field - 250mmCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0443884353432826379395 km6733 km
2269Manic V QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:0516062846814363791102 km4820 km
2490Sarnegor, Sredna Gora Mount.➤ https://meter.acBulgariaEurope 3Running2023-10-02 07:0413651206458379373 km1700 km
2520Old FieldsUnited States / West VirginiaAsia 1Running2023-10-02 07:052527114306911379994 km3677 km
2283RiceH-Field: 2 - 20cm Ferrite Rods...United States / WashingtonNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 07:051262091171718377655 km5072 km
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