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StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5173268570516544511350 km4316 km
1691PrescottBlue-Ferrite+EUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:511513289501123450247 km3978 km
2555Boecillo / ValladolidEA1FAQSpainJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:52153069904545447390 km3877 km
2847NashuaUnited States / New HampshireNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:53196613671367446558 km4133 km
2263Champs-sur-Tarentaine (Cantal)Laboratoire de Recherche sur l...FranceJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:522720158151544085 km4096 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:512452515978747439704 km4010 km
1467ZösenbergAustriaAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:513530919971510432156 km4934 km
1820Tucson / Rita Ranch1 m coax loop antenna, 20 cm E...United States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5119512122341118429103 km3730 km
2180Key West3 x 200mm ferrite plus 140mm e...United States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:511896716077200542962 km3917 km
807Houston (Royal Oaks)Station moved 12km 1/22/18United States / TexasSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5169856753651428551 km3291 km
2629Jelenia GóraLoop 5x1000mmPolandAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:5180193112534427198 km1822 km
1166Pembroke Pines250mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:501121882361307425153 km3190 km
2607MassalioE field + H fieldSpainJapan 1Idle2022-07-04 03:5292766635526415144 km4225 km
2832Leicester2x20cm Ferrites/50cm E-FieldUnited KingdomAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:511654310811786415744 km4726 km
1703Austin, TXSystem BlueUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5114904142311332414282 km3442 km
1588OttawaCanadaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51715961942291413954 km4206 km
2523North Kingstowntesting antenna & filtersUnited States / Rhode IslandNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5119717117011199413437 km3915 km
2789BandeirantesTest phaseItalyAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:5116221608957641394 km4714 km
808Minden - 808300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / NevadaNorth America 1Interference2022-07-04 01:54855862081943410513 km3951 km
2455PredstrugeSloveniaAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:511951112472495409207 km4713 km
2781Varsi (PR)System Blue 2x20cm Ferrite Rod...ItalyAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:51230544279594409229 km4619 km
1170Colorado SpringsUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51116168031764407233 km4052 km
1653HarvestUnited States / AlabamaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:512419713458141540716 km3297 km
2110ManliusW2PJ Weather CenterUnited States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5137340153321483404741 km4272 km
946Sherman300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, AS3935United States / ConnecticutSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5111593101347354001476 km4211 km
2587AtlantaSystem BlueUnited States / GeorgiaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:511589013455121939743 km3081 km
1863Westcliffeupdate 4Dec20, Last IP : 38.10...United States / ColoradoNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:5227092135891059393172 km4617 km
2818VeronaIZ3STA - Op. IlarioItalyAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:511891410911561392101 km4636 km
2176Huntsville (Green Mtn)United States / AlabamaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51196319430120239041 km3764 km
706Rogers City-REDRED w/1m loops, E-Field & AS39...United States / MichiganNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:535686443754167387924 km4433 km
598SilkeborgRED with 2 amplifiersDenmarkAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:5186651741716386196 km3941 km
1503Lincoln CityBlue - two 200mm rods and E fi...United States / OregonNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5126401152241515385227 km4494 km
2026Great FallsUnited States / MontanaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:515433520878338555 km3477 km
2618Wilmington, NYWhiteface SummitUnited States / New YorkNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:521341567502176384786 km4368 km
2046Sanitaria SpringsSystem set up outsideUnited States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51962170842005381660 km3846 km
2421Chateau-ThierryFranceAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:5051931527534377248 km3918 km
2466Dunajska Luzna JN88PCE-150mm, H-2x380mm loop OM6RMSlovakia (Slovak Republic)Japan 1Running2022-07-04 03:52144709890455375294 km4487 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5124573160066763721879 km4533 km
1339Portlandurban RFIUnited States / OregonNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:52553513621362369161 km4244 km
1745WeimarNE5U Lightning Detection Stati...United States / TexasNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5125489186361772365423 km3952 km
2781Varsi (PR)System Blue 2x20cm Ferrite Rod...ItalyJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:52229434252456364232 km4610 km
2431LakewoodUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5121428188631837361194 km4201 km
2864CharlotteUnited States / North CarolinaSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5144939323784743611044 km3609 km
2934Ciudad GuayanaVenezuelaSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5143453280500361665 km4517 km
2564Fuquay VarinaUnited States / North CarolinaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:514178126806149935996 km3438 km
2283RiceH-Field: 2 - 20cm Ferrite Rods...United States / WashingtonAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:514307329352453356932 km4416 km
2441Yarm on TeesUnited KingdomJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:5260524027515352584 km4464 km
2607MassalioE field + H fieldSpainAsia 1Idle2022-07-04 03:5193096648632350390 km4235 km
2928PalmdaleBlue, 2 Coax Loop - 100cmUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51450243411568349750 km4283 km
982Lake Katrine50cm crossed loopUnited States / New YorkNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:53960840799347545 km4017 km
2378Chadds Ford2 Ferrite Rod System BlueUnited States / PennsylvaniaNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:531316787756346476 km3626 km
2263Champs-sur-Tarentaine (Cantal)Laboratoire de Recherche sur l...FranceAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:502734159252934484 km4106 km
2567DublinUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51489347321775343570 km4498 km
1188TorontoCanadaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:50441992760711483411001 km4049 km
2818VeronaIZ3STA - Op. IlarioItalyJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:521880510852414341103 km4626 km
2269Bonaventure QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:511316082981979340638 km4787 km
2421Chateau-ThierryFranceJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:5150331527478336249 km3918 km
1824New UlmN5CNB, FrelsburgUnited States / TexasSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:511728813448532330643 km3365 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5020737129901359326391 km3776 km
2515Hulett2 Mobius coax 1 meter loopsUnited States / WyomingNorth America 1Interference2022-07-04 02:104203533756794326132 km3198 km
2777ST HELIERLOC: IN89WE jerse...United KingdomJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:5297028778371326462 km3877 km
2074SeattleUnited States / WashingtonNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51524838391131320316 km2601 km
1997NasushiobaraShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:529403808153531963 km3345 km
2474Poprad-Tatry LZTT▲ Meteo FunSAT (System BLUE)Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Asia 1Running2022-07-04 03:5182735386755317490 km3274 km
2587AtlantaSystem BlueUnited States / GeorgiaSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:511614613656416315939 km3555 km
934Mauston250mm x 7.5mm ferriteUnited States / WisconsinNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:531809913739660313581 km4344 km
1299Oro ValleyRed, ferrite 20 cmUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 2Interference2022-07-04 02:54138821088470831343 km4665 km
1382WinnipegCanadaNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:5324221338102931018 km4407 km
2584SherwoodUnited States / OregonNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5144963233932309172 km2447 km
1114SpartaRED: Shielded 200mm FerritesUnited States / New JerseyNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:511618983991831306504 km3651 km
2676CharlottesvilleUnited States / VirginiaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:511380252641086306283 km3658 km
1730Lipnik nad BecvouBLUECzech RepublicAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:5176434940432305357 km2968 km
2285San Ramon5.1m 1 turn; 2.8m 1 trn; 3.7m ...United States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Interference2022-07-04 02:1946123325863028304568 km4592 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:517322757028752303527 km3325 km
1888Bear CreekE Chan off , 3 H chan in Xa Yb...United States / North CarolinaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51221361376596930152 km3569 km
2404Lino LakesFaster than light!United States / MinnesotaNorth America 1Bad GPS2022-07-04 02:25103378485492299437 km3693 km
2019TakayamaKyoto Univ. & SITJapanJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:525495470249929250 km3158 km
1320Saint-Jean sur le richelieuCanadaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5120806114872864290865 km4404 km
2520Old FieldsUnited States / West VirginiaAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:512279011483894290419 km3109 km
2545MiltonBlue; 100mm E-field, 2 x 200mm...United States / VermontNorth America 1Interference2022-07-04 03:5133894170661857288790 km4415 km
2044AngelrodaBlue with 3x200mm ferriteGermanyAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:51159336345338284337 km3035 km
2911Fermont QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:53961475976749284621 km5315 km
2464AmarilloBlue with 2x200mm ferrite, E-f...United States / TexasNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:513419825129690283558 km3563 km
1546Pittsburgh (Blue)H-300x7.5mm shielded; BLUE PCB...United States / PennsylvaniaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51447339901154279709 km3348 km
885EbenseeRED - SKS 120N OE5LALAustriaAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:519165155639927635 km3954 km
2396WilmingtonBlue Unshielded Ferrite x 2United States / MassachusettsNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5128068117962107275544 km3877 km
754DornbirnSystem RED - OE9PGVAustriaEurope 3Running2022-07-04 03:5310727583486927453 km9777 km
1723RochesterShielded Ferrite Rods, 120 mm ...United States / MinnesotaSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5128744200895012741878 km4897 km
2595Boone CountyUnited States / NebraskaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:51357942925464227364 km2470 km
1840FujisawaShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 1Running2022-07-04 03:522176194246827295 km3279 km
1964Boynton BeachBlue: 2 X 200 mm ferritesUnited States / FloridaSouth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5132102569465272173 km4388 km
754DornbirnSystem RED - OE9PGVAustriaEurope 2Running2022-07-04 03:5310727583486827153 km9777 km
695El Dorado HillsFlat panel (http://www.lrsatx....United States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5163372233902268492 km3637 km
1321Saint-Hyacinthe, QuebecCanadaNorth America 2Running2022-07-04 03:531618482743701268895 km4509 km
2555Boecillo / ValladolidEA1FAQSpainAsia 1Running2022-07-04 03:51153429928743265391 km3986 km
2764Saint-HubertBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 2Interference2022-07-04 03:51946185341774264891 km4493 km
721Steisslingen (RED)System Red StesslingenGermanyEurope 3Running2022-07-04 03:522398150958026338 km9153 km
2006VancouverCanadaNorth America 1Running2022-07-04 03:5155573013895263275 km2158 km
721Steisslingen (RED)System Red StesslingenGermanyEurope 2Running2022-07-04 03:522398150958826238 km9153 km
2841NovaraRemote station aside of an org...ItalyEurope 2Running2022-07-04 03:5319725108921151261148 km9769 km
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