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StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
1678TucsonE and H Antennas on TowerUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:381496721401876 km1976 km
1874Uozu, ToyamaShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:381981715626486 km958 km
1997NasushiobaraShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:382902665334352 km729 km
2028ShinjukuKamo-labJapanSouth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:382928544000 km0 km
2028ShinjukuKamo-labJapanAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:3829285441110445 km747 km
2522SendaiTohoku-Univ. & SITJapanOceania 1Running2023-03-31 21:3825215463311 km3653 km
2531Suzu_2(Noto)Kamo-labJapanOceania 1Running2023-03-31 21:3840828275461 km4461 km
2533Sakata2Kamo-labJapanNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:388172751416120 km6096 km
2533Sakata2Kamo-labJapanOceania 1Running2023-03-31 21:3881727514199424 km5488 km
2592NagoyaDaido Univ. & SITJapanOceania 1Running2023-03-31 21:3831919162381 km2106 km
2653BrisbaneAustralia / QueenslandOceania 1Running2023-03-31 21:3811066738110528685 km4956 km
2682ShirahamaKyoto Univ. & SITJapanAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:388277665824726 km1258 km
1566Tomisato-Shi, Chiba-KenSystem BlueJapanAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:38516319724417322 km734 km
2277KagawaKagawa Univ. & SITJapanAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:38190814036031816 km1336 km
2624BurgdorfGermanyEurope 3Running2023-03-31 21:384032234161207 km879 km
2624BurgdorfGermanyEurope 2Running2023-03-31 21:384032234161207 km879 km
2680Taiki-choTaiki-cho, IST &SITJapanSouth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38679215110 km5833 km
2680Taiki-choTaiki-cho, IST &SITJapanAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:386792155047581 km711 km
2706Aflenz KurortAustriaOceania 1Running2023-03-31 21:38415681179620200 km9515 km
2952Palm Beach GardensBlue 2x200mm Ferrites112021United States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:381903183818385311129 km2591 km
706Rogers City-REDRED w/1m loops, E-Field & AS39...United States / MichiganNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38823179392333202159 km1866 km
946Sherman300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, AS3935United States / ConnecticutNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:383624313831381098756 km2357 km
1079Taylor300mm shielded ferriteUnited States / MichiganNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38319530191648732291 km1649 km
1182CarlisleE-field only (testing)United States / MassachusettsNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3830682238223826959 km2511 km
1320Saint-Jean sur le richelieuCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38269561725776011020957 km2575 km
2266YumaBlue. Gains/threshold set to t...United States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:388207962501788 km2245 km
1002Bismarck280mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-FieldUnited States / North DakotaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38774412228770132225281 km1955 km
1023Hermosillo1 Mt Loop Antenna, RED SystemMexicoNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38947359209838553311304 km2558 km
1042Mesa, AZSystem onlineUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3857630177211024015541335 km2784 km
1068Grand Junction300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / ColoradoNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38115761069198342750984 km3297 km
1093Prescott (Red)Relocated from N. Bethesda, MD...United States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:381581106110611281510 km2728 km
1128Naples-1Ferrite Rod AntennasUnited States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3815542672759972173592 km2395 km
1142SpringE-Field Antenna, Villages of B...United States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3849124353018585296898 km3925 km
1223Saint-BernardFranceAfrica 1Running2023-03-31 21:38909385631722381 km5700 km
1346Bobcaygeon2-1M LoopsCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38176851216255311431538 km5274 km
1809Hermon2x 200x7.5 mm ferrites; 200 mm...United States / MaineNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38206314831483691249 km2783 km
1162Port HuronRed attic 1.5m 3 turn 75 ohm c...United States / MichiganNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3818318743929051671269 km1744 km
1166Pembroke Pines250mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38122809243762210161197 km4230 km
1168ColchesterRED, 200 mm ferrite rods, shie...United States / VermontNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38226031787970361878965 km2514 km
1170Colorado SpringsUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38236214651453310847 km2055 km
1175IndependenceSystem Red shielded ferrite an...United States / IowaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38186921579133220223 km1207 km
1177Athelstane300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-Field...United States / WisconsinNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38554254917594284448205 km4762 km
1180Mundelein300mm x 7.5mm ferrite shieldedUnited States / IllinoisNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:382393015404125075457 km1395 km
1187SpokaneH field: 2 ferrite rods, 200mm...United States / WashingtonNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3868571255991276881471 km3079 km
2056Graceville, FLUnited States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3868545603659920563 km2012 km
2283RiceH-Field: 2 - 20cm Ferrite Rods...United States / WashingtonNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:381554544201505581559 km3013 km
1188TorontoCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38360221994542401555471 km2585 km
1203Hockessin60cm Möbius loops w/xfmr, 50c...United States / DelawareAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:38626085166115621199873 km2078 km
1203Hockessin60cm Möbius loops w/xfmr, 50c...United States / DelawareNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38625795163488412381729 km5215 km
1238Port TownsendUnited States / WashingtonNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38139952509902224 km3450 km
1270Red Deer, AlbertaE-Field - 250mmCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:382034817443105956521372 km4663 km
1503Lincoln CityBlue - two 200mm rods and E fi...United States / OregonNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3823172166774246762010 km3597 km
2545MiltonBlue; 100mm E-field, 2 x 200mm...United States / VermontNorth America 1Interference2023-03-31 21:3824036837346541119952 km2596 km
2618Wilmington, NYWhiteface SummitUnited States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38116186446826108911 km2441 km
1417Meteor O-I 'North Center'Red / LoopReunionNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38730622843980 km10851 km
1445Hot Springs-2H: 2-200 x 7.5mmUnited States / ArkansasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3863536508783228246922 km1296 km
1653HarvestUnited States / AlabamaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38204361262932212431175 km2408 km
2075tel avivIsraelAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:3868835997512305 km2496 km
2279AccraBlue ⋅ 2×200 ferrite ⋅ 7 ...GhanaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3854141646843400 km5487 km
1505Eau ClaireBlue System H&E fieldsUnited States / WisconsinNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38556434299455003518138 km4527 km
1539MacombBlue Unshielded 9.5 X 210mm Ma...United States / IllinoisNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:381398010727189143730 km1197 km
1660PalmyraShielded Ferrites H-DeltaUnited States / VirginiaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:383471428839115585060259 km4915 km
1670Regina, SaskatchewanFerrites 3 x 200mm x 10mmCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38135301167692142171749 km4599 km
1691PrescottBlue-Ferrite+EUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3811488822240374741437 km2735 km
1700PeoriaUnshielded Ferrite Rods, 120 m...United States / IllinoisNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:385916748821193213045 km1269 km
1703Austin, TXSystem BlueUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3819055169394747194676 km2983 km
1743Oakhill3Blue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3865519531739687490799 km4091 km
1820Tucson / Rita Ranch1 m coax loop antenna, 20 cm E...United States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:386260350729625091248 km2765 km
1951Callander, ONCallander, ON - BLUECanadaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38329361326239991279535 km2267 km
2315Hot Springs-3H: 3 ∆ 200 x 7.5mm E: 300 x...United States / ArkansasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3863299522943755277622 km3754 km
2580AnkenyUnited States / IowaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3866264472141781112729 km1194 km
1734OakhillBlue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3840727345489663498399 km3665 km
1742Oakhill2Blue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38496994202510343532899 km4091 km
1751LouisianaUnited States / MissouriNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:387486746486110886241 km1073 km
1782FranklinUnited States / MassachusettsNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3810918922476491824935 km2492 km
1824New UlmN5CNB, FrelsburgUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38641464811288454506140 km1879 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue, no E fi...SpainNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:382816913504912254 km4777 km
1838VolcanNew - comments to: lightning [...PanamaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38208431387461662450 km4334 km
1846SinesCT4RK/blue/2 X 38cm Moebius lo...PortugalNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3820551631532357 km2924 km
1921Flores Island @ AzoresH-Field + E-Field System RedPortugalNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3851274312222480 km3840 km
1933MilfordUnited States / PennsylvaniaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:381892617635116623997636 km5350 km
1955Jupiter200mm Ferrite x2, E-field 140m...United States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:383410326432648451113 km2585 km
2110ManliusW2PJ Weather CenterUnited States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38147651150460681644689 km2370 km
2261HaleakalaHawaii Univ. Tohoku Univ. & SI...United States / HawaiiNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38849235661191584 km5222 km
2381KopavogurIcelandAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:386425402418 km2676 km
2381KopavogurIcelandNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:386425532842 km3584 km
2689Thunder Bay America 1Running2023-03-31 21:387926358406101663778448 km4950 km
2100Imperial Oaks.H:3Y 300mmx7.5mm, E:100mmUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3828862256386901365591 km3131 km
2135PepperellOak Hill; Blue; 2x unshielded ...United States / MassachusettsNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3854215490241334947 km2518 km
2176Huntsville (Green Mtn)United States / AlabamaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38187981153335072812243 km1533 km
2556Virginia Beach, VAUnited States / VirginiaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38133291187971487 km1977 km
779Rheurdt-SchaephuysenGermanyAsia 1Running2023-03-31 21:383712108153792 km984 km
1219HoustonUnited States / TexasSouth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38149148136180 km2340 km
2284ConiferConiferUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3828149230377669792821 km2095 km
2285San Ramon█ 3ea 8 m^2 loops, variable ...United States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3837328343966857352118 km3546 km
2291BlufftonH loops are square, x, y, zUnited States / OhioNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38385603104751613548253 km1582 km
2294Lawrence-Dade22 RG-11 ✚ coax loops in base...United States / MissouriNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3878550637364411291354 km1111 km
2296GuwahatiCotton Univ. Kyoto Univ, and S...IndiaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:381283272000 km0 km
2297HooverUnited States / AlabamaNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:38586944073390026502304 km4011 km
2383St LouisUnited States / MissouriNorth America 1Running2023-03-31 21:3843796327302172142793 km979 km
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