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(Closest = Shortest distance to a strike position in whose calculation the station was involved)
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2108Arbizzano di NegrarIZ3VFK - Op. LucaItalySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34482379403556 km4154 km
2399ArorangiSystem BlueCook IslandsNorth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:333281325218113557 km8673 km
994Hattingen (45527 / Elfert)Tobias Elfert / 45527 Hattinge...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34776862122193569 km4569 km
820VilsbiburgGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:348379590403587 km4275 km
2220Pardinho - SPLittle Paradise FarmBrazilSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34337212310244363591 km5190 km
1481Pargas2x200mm ferrites + 380mm loop ...FinlandAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34493430703595 km4922 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-Africa 1Running2022-09-27 16:3536943368051203601 km4454 km
2384Serra Negra - SPAlto das PalmeirasBrazilSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:341500711488843602 km4994 km
968Belgern-Schildau - DC0UBGermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3421066703609 km4409 km
2829ModenaIK4MGG Op.Massimo JN54KQ 2 lo...ItalySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3421101680713612 km4588 km
2818VeronaIZ3STA - Op. IlarioItalySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3410511641924133615 km4663 km
1042Mesa, AZSystem onlineUnited States / ArizonaEurope 3Running2022-09-27 16:3759734169821413624 km10433 km
1042Mesa, AZSystem onlineUnited States / ArizonaEurope 2Running2022-09-27 16:3759726169821413624 km10433 km
2791Pedara (CT) - System Blue 2791System Blue 2791ItalyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3515366561203628 km4944 km
1865MellachAustriaSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3436051474403636 km8372 km
2108Arbizzano di NegrarIZ3VFK - Op. LucaItalyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34483380803636 km4598 km
2351LeesburgUnited States / VirginiaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3416423119962093637 km5254 km
2793Caporciano (AQ)IZ6IHN (2rods)ItalySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3463162485503639 km4549 km
1118Göppingen - REDSystem REDGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:342323956903640 km4551 km
1327Breitenbach am InnAustriaSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34681366923641 km4831 km
1716Bertiolo (UD)Blue 2x20cm ferrite rodsItalySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3423473158412463648 km4897 km
1327Breitenbach am InnAustriaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:346813661013651 km4785 km
841Münnerstadt, DW4939(RED) shielded ferrite rods, S...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:345436891603651 km4415 km
1393HannutBike antenna of 32cm with 150 ...BelgiumSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:344169992703656 km4325 km
2962Piano di Sorrento3 ferrite road 20,5 cm - Elect...ItalySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:343067219118813659 km4511 km
2381KopavogurIcelandNorth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:33104541103662 km4038 km
2183PärnuSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:341031122061303677 km5297 km
2468Heist op den BergBelgiumAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:332652361203678 km4272 km
1294LerumSystem RED ferrite rods 20 cmSwedenAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3487831503682 km5235 km
1188TorontoCanadaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:342223820614503688 km4947 km
2962Piano di Sorrento3 ferrite road 20,5 cm - Elect...ItalyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:353044519003403689 km4866 km
2261HaleakalaHawaii Univ. Tohoku Univ. & SI...United States / HawaiiSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3465263799873698 km3788 km
993Maui, HawaiiShielded 300 x 7.5mm ferrite, ...United States / HawaiiSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34426126941173705 km7305 km
2202Itapecerica da Serra, SPBrazilSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34264771836331293714 km5355 km
2769OmskRussian FederationJapan 2Running2022-09-27 16:3771536193923718 km6055 km
2220Pardinho - SPLittle Paradise FarmBrazilNorth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:343350222958833725 km4966 km
2261HaleakalaHawaii Univ. Tohoku Univ. & SI...United States / HawaiiAsia 1Running2022-09-27 16:3465183793653729 km4195 km
2082Gross-UmstadtGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:33449277403738 km4525 km
2381KopavogurIcelandNorth America 2Running2022-09-27 16:36105541003745 km4053 km
2044AngelrodaBlue with 3x200mm ferriteGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:341233231581013748 km4679 km
2381KopavogurIcelandEurope 1Running2022-09-27 16:3110657503749 km3856 km
2381KopavogurIcelandEurope 3Running2022-09-27 16:36105541103755 km4044 km
2381KopavogurIcelandEurope 2Running2022-09-27 16:36105541103755 km4044 km
2014RäpinaSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaAfrica 1Idle2022-09-27 16:0088863757 km6862 km
2520Old FieldsUnited States / West VirginiaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:35292831567327223759 km5379 km
2052Meteor O-I 'South'Blue / LoopReunionAsia 1Running2022-09-27 16:348404517533273763 km7467 km
1417Meteor O-I 'North Center'Red / LoopReunionAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:342421446412113764 km9548 km
2202Itapecerica da Serra, SPBrazilNorth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3426345182921143769 km5968 km
1626Kreuzau-ObermaubachGermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3434041287723773 km4450 km
1368Belfast (Sydenham Red) * 30cm ...System redUnited KingdomSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3473161312373774 km7094 km
993Maui, HawaiiShielded 300 x 7.5mm ferrite, ...United States / HawaiiEurope 1Running2022-09-27 16:3642592707713775 km5259 km
1888Bear CreekE Chan off , 3 H chan in Xa Yb...United States / North CarolinaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34293842098928243783 km5448 km
1417Meteor O-I 'North Center'Red / LoopReunionEurope 1Running2022-09-27 16:3623999388523792 km9392 km
2828Oakhill3 x 200mm Ferrite Rods in a Tr...United KingdomSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:33184171313798 km8129 km
2564Fuquay VarinaUnited States / North CarolinaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:342521021937313798 km5171 km
2220Pardinho - SPLittle Paradise FarmBrazilAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:343359623028943807 km5921 km
1109Brusand (Test)E-field - TestNorwayAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:33672613603810 km3942 km
779Rheurdt-SchaephuysenGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:336364241103816 km4435 km
779Rheurdt-SchaephuysenGermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:33636424503817 km4408 km
2793Caporciano (AQ)IZ6IHN (2rods)ItalyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3563102488403834 km3985 km
2053Meteor O-I 'North'Blue / FerriteReunionAsia 1Running2022-09-27 16:17703333853 km7961 km
675Ruhland REDSKS 120 Ferrite rod & E-field ...GermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34750855232933866 km4988 km
1417Meteor O-I 'North Center'Red / LoopReunionAsia 1Running2022-09-27 16:342410846431243869 km8454 km
2927RiyadhHZ1DZ, EI4GTB, korhojoaSaudi ArabiaSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34191136250543876 km4792 km
598SilkeborgRED with 2 amplifiersDenmarkSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:341954906803880 km4827 km
1707LeckGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34375029951913904 km4732 km
1294LerumSystem RED ferrite rods 20 cmSwedenSouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:3487831003907 km8745 km
2864CharlotteUnited States / North CarolinaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:35306842305523153920 km5591 km
2052Meteor O-I 'South'Blue / LoopReunionAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:348442520712113932 km4687 km
2073FinlandAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34244551139703933 km5435 km
675Ruhland REDSKS 120 Ferrite rod & E-field ...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34749355121723962 km5022 km
841Münnerstadt, DW4939(RED) shielded ferrite rods, S...GermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:345449892503978 km4042 km
247Wiener NeustadtAustriaSouth America 1Offline2022-09-27 16:34866866504004 km4666 km
968Belgern-Schildau - DC0UBGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34214661114011 km4437 km
247Wiener NeustadtAustriaAfrica 1Offline2022-09-27 16:34867867504011 km4722 km
1794Bremen-VegesackGermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:33282237304042 km4595 km
1794Bremen-VegesackGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:33282237504045 km4595 km
2082Gross-UmstadtGermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:33449277304064 km6120 km
785Cuxhaven-OxstedtSystem RED with shielded ferri...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34376281204076 km4603 km
785Cuxhaven-OxstedtSystem RED with shielded ferri...GermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34377282604079 km4618 km
1445Hot Springs-2H: 2-200 x 7.5mmUnited States / ArkansasAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3444043436751504092 km5583 km
1955Jupiter200mm Ferrite x2, E-field 140m...United States / FloridaAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3478926894404104 km4126 km
2217KöszegKendig-csúcsHungaryAfrica 1Comm. Err2022-09-27 16:3424471961704106 km4614 km
2689Thunder Bay 1Running2022-09-27 16:35651231031234111 km5478 km
910Częstochowa dz.PółnocStacja Meteo System REDPolandAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3453721856314119 km4334 km
2044AngelrodaBlue with 3x200mm ferriteGermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34123053141624121 km4682 km
2217KöszegKendig-csúcsHungarySouth America 1Comm. Err2022-09-27 16:3424451959204128 km4617 km
2494KrakówPolandAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3454653930904142 km5113 km
1005Krakow-PradnikSQ9HTPolandAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3230431936504144 km4799 km
2398St. Georgen im Schwarzwaldred test deviceGermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:341346338204148 km4421 km
1035LandshutGermanyAfrica 1Interference2022-09-27 16:3489656933704148 km4422 km
2053Meteor O-I 'North'Blue / FerriteReunionOceania 1Running2022-09-27 16:17703334157 km5547 km
866Bad Dürrenberg (RED)GermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:3426501556514165 km4773 km
2474Poprad-Tatry LZTT▲ Meteo FunSAT (System BLUE)Slovakia (Slovak Republic)South America 1Running2022-09-27 16:34141708281434168 km4787 km
2543WatervilleH-(2) Unshielded L 200x7.5mmUnited States / OhioAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:35825073501414176 km5760 km
1144AxelvoldSwedenAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:34116508795404193 km4547 km
598SilkeborgRED with 2 amplifiersDenmarkAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:341957906304194 km4469 km
82972406 BisingenRed: Ant: 2x SKS 300/15 DL1SEWGermanySouth America 1Running2022-09-27 16:346028505304194 km4272 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineJapan 1Running2022-09-27 16:35174501131012114203 km4412 km
82972406 BisingenRed: Ant: 2x SKS 300/15 DL1SEWGermanyAfrica 1Running2022-09-27 16:346065507204205 km4332 km
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