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StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2277KagawaKagawa Univ. & SITJapanJapan 2Running2021-10-27 15:24165611155644623 km4700 km
2681ShionomisakiKyoto Univ. & SITJapanJapan 2Running2021-10-27 15:241134773965434443 km4849 km
898Bienne-lez-HappartBelgiumEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24850776931349361423 km4996 km
1102SonnebergGermanyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:243672675701342 km1738 km
1951Callander, ONCallander, ON - BLUECanadaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:241083971292420357974 km4112 km
2707Tucson, AZSW TucsonUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24434712521364 km4377 km
2925NaplesUnited States / FloridaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24158831233812234524 km2182 km
2934Ciudad GuayanaVenezuelaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:249238798533737 km2611 km
689Frankfort Rv1✚ H-2 300x7.5mm E-350x2mmUnited States / KentuckyNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24243522441955228755 km3515 km
807Houston (Royal Oaks)Station moved 12km 1/22/18United States / TexasNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24266412237666743915 km1491 km
819St Laurent de la Salanque (RED...REDFranceEurope 2Running2021-10-27 15:246141420373115693 km1497 km
923Rzeszow-MilocinRED, E-33cm, H-90cm loop sh.PolandEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24493339681891181481 km3501 km
938Iseltwald 2 BE, BrienzerseeProjektgruppe HB9F, BernSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:241231195071291202945 km5342 km
945PetrozavodskSystem REDRussian FederationEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24879433331803106 km3369 km
957FolkestoneSystem RED - replaces station ...United KingdomEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:242836200210175698 km4773 km
992HeillecourtRED Station | 2x Loop Antenna ...FranceEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2420211434837431188 km5167 km
1006BlausteinE-field : 1000mm Ø0,05mm in ...GermanyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24359417691215321104 km2324 km
1023Hermosillo1 Mt Loop Antenna, RED SystemMexicoNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2455964684681391377 km2218 km
1035LandshutGermanyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24429036384301244 km1831 km
1068Grand Junction300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / ColoradoNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:245724545644731158889 km5095 km
1073Méribel-les-AlluesSystemRED, indoor, 1 loop ante...FranceEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2425461760763149859 km5271 km
1076Komoka, OntarioRED 300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, AS3...CanadaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:243225830002601345 km2098 km
1104Poursac+---systeme RED---+FranceEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24927586456301042 km1722 km
1158PaoniaFixed powersupply & updated to...United States / ColoradoNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:241281123212321010850 km1648 km
1187SpokaneH field: 2 ferrite rods, 200mm...United States / WashingtonNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2423403165011302793 km2762 km
1239TirlemontBelgiumEurope 1Interference2021-10-27 15:24150469481901625 km3034 km
1246Tucson FoothillsAntennas relocated to quieter ...United States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:248216666664701402 km2159 km
1270Red Deer, AlbertaE-Field - 250mmCanadaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2434213034242831975 km6179 km
1299Oro ValleyRed, ferrite 20 cmUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:248938388386291410 km1835 km
1653HarvestUnited States / AlabamaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24172901074624361629708 km3297 km
1655LubbockNational Weather ServiceUnited States / TexasNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2427121635927254149 km3793 km
1670Regina, SaskatchewanFerrites 3 x 200mm x 10mmCanadaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24156912821282269990 km5554 km
1700PeoriaUnshielded Ferrite Rods, 120 m...United States / IllinoisNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24141811971041583300 km1632 km
1745WeimarNE5U Lightning Detection Stati...United States / TexasNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24312721786475254647 km2238 km
1820Tucson / Rita Ranch1 m coax loop antenna, 20 cm E...United States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:241120109010906731385 km2167 km
1823UrbanaBlue v19.3, 200mm unshielded f...United States / IllinoisNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24215817861440858433 km3841 km
1863Westcliffeupdate 4Dec20, Last IP : 38.10...United States / ColoradoNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:247701469120171146785 km2113 km
1949SE AuroraNew install Testing. E FieldUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:241457653653324578 km1475 km
1955Jupiter200mm Ferrite x2, E-field 140m...United States / FloridaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24284026571846544467 km2465 km
1996MiharaShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 2Running2021-10-27 15:248158429030820 km1449 km
2100Imperial Oaks.H:3Y 300mmx7.5mm, E:100mmUnited States / TexasNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24532974443150434147 km3564 km
2285San Ramon5.1m 1 turn; 2.8m 1 trn; 3.7m ...United States / CaliforniaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24119528767210971440 km6134 km
2307CambridgeUnited States / MinnesotaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24210514191257517139 km4567 km
2430FarmingtonHx2 200mm E 300mmUnited States / New MexicoNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2435253360336017741020 km4961 km
2433OwatonnaUnited States / MinnesotaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2481086032152973785 km4443 km
2487Regina, SaskatchewanFerrites 3 x 250mm x 7.5mm - E...CanadaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24303825692479310990 km5554 km
2498OlatheUnited States / KansasNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24115613417141992966 km3477 km
2517Oro Valley 2United States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2429002787278713001408 km5008 km
2523North Kingstowntesting antenna & filtersUnited States / Rhode IslandNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2488938778402449 km2670 km
2556Virginia Beach, VAUnited States / VirginiaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24196021285612461097 km3034 km
2580AnkenyUnited States / IowaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:247819233797962156 km4267 km
2867ZacharyUnited States / LouisianaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2466388533032195996170 km3252 km
764Berlin SchmöckwitzLoop & E-Field AntennaGermanyEurope 2Running2021-10-27 15:2472586202601706 km2316 km
821Sedrun, GRwetter-sedrun.chSwitzerlandEurope 2Running2021-10-27 15:24735355441907111899 km2127 km
826Solingen (Ohligs)RED SystemGermanyEurope 2Running2021-10-27 15:244989802101641 km2427 km
962Vinnytsia / RRMN1UkraineEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24764814721401677 km1832 km
994Hattingen (45527 / Elfert)Tobias Elfert / 45527 Hattinge...GermanyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2457151523842293201116 km5184 km
1000FeuchtwangenRED #4, DB0FEU, AS3935GermanyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:246860124932731181 km2247 km
1038PfullingenSystem REDGermanyEurope 1Interference2021-10-27 15:241056193175921146 km2054 km
1060Bad LiebenzellLot of local EMI, don't know t...GermanyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2493752438941154 km2152 km
1075Warrington, Cheshire (RED)RED - Indoor H FerritesUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2424842041764241344 km4673 km
1114SpartaRED: Shielded 200mm FerritesUnited States / New JerseyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2411052695864431447 km1942 km
1219HoustonUnited States / TexasNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2412863116031696122019 km1446 km
1234WorcesterUnited States / VermontNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:247546262580422 km1761 km
1942Cedar Park, TXJim K5KTF - BlueUnited States / TexasNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:244339416419671302160 km1224 km
2176Huntsville (Green Mtn)United States / AlabamaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24326252379525081750718 km3263 km
2461NayPyiTawDMH,ORIE, Kyoto Univ.& SITMyanmarJapan 2Running2021-10-27 15:2441518162353 km1578 km
2689Thunder Bay America 2Running2021-10-27 15:248922586144321406443 km4699 km
803Makrigialos / PieriaRED H-Field & E-Field // www.s...GreeceEurope 2Running2021-10-27 15:24168723217330843 km2740 km
1290RETHEL (08)ADRASEC08 Sécurité Civile- S...FranceEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:241092516812101382 km1809 km
1998DhakaBUET, Kyoto Univ.& SITBangladeshJapan 2Running2021-10-27 15:2456534503642045 km2594 km
2243Da NangDUT &SITViet NamJapan 2Running2021-10-27 15:24871327097182 km1554 km
2334Eagle RiverK9BBN-Eagle River, Wi. ---two ...United States / WisconsinNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24206916381229473237 km4413 km
2350oxfordUnited States / GeorgiaJapan 2Running2021-10-27 15:24137221107515310484 km14101 km
2350oxfordUnited States / GeorgiaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24137221107520901216813 km3039 km
2382Eagle RiverK9BBN-Eagle River, Wi. --- two...United States / WisconsinNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24674618249148236 km2027 km
2530MonroeSystem Blue - Two 300mm x 7.5m...United States / LouisianaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24562364705417611328200 km3458 km
2684niigata-cityShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 2Running2021-10-27 15:2420809101794328292 km5181 km
2940KirksvilleUnited States / MissouriNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24173866400947751 km1303 km
855ZagórzycePolandEurope 2Running2021-10-27 15:24561859601601 km6798 km
1045Cercal, CadavalE-Field 150mmPortugalEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2418678157432397247610 km4960 km
1049Veghel(noord)NetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24350029181589341507 km5068 km
1078Boulogne-sur-MerMeteociel REDFranceEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2481778351201551 km4408 km
1080RoujanStation Red Meteociel 1/2FranceEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:24275951110815015796 km1563 km
1524Williams Lake, BCTESTING - BLUE, Ferrite rods 2...CanadaNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24903233991427 km2507 km
1944WestfieldUnited States / New JerseyNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2451764527401259 km2415 km
2001Mount ProspectTwo unshielded 20cm ferrite, S...United States / IllinoisNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24135244813774434 km1573 km
2333MadisonMadison WestUnited States / WisconsinNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24249511722637991994260 km4168 km
29339Z4RG-Port-of-Spain9Z4RG Lightnin...Trinidad and TobagoNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:24536867624412 km4989 km
708Ybbs an der DonauAustriaEurope 2Running2021-10-27 15:242344203834701102 km3034 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandEurope 2Running2021-10-27 15:242903113817115285 km16250 km
1072Kirchheim b. Münchensystem REDGermanyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:242558770616181069 km2382 km
1088Murnau - - - Werdenfelsred, E-field antenna onlyGermanyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2416893135632402142989 km5550 km
1232NIORTFranceEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2424361600927941090 km4718 km
1445Hot Springs-2H: 2-200 x 7.5mmUnited States / ArkansasNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:2445043410401115847165 km3037 km
838Schüpfen (HB9TCG)Projektgruppe HB9F/HB9TCG,BernSwitzerlandEurope 2Interference2021-10-27 15:2582657678590997 km1468 km
934Mauston250mm x 7.5mm ferriteUnited States / WisconsinNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:25315520311399668170 km2822 km
953Appleton250mm x 7.5mm ferriteUnited States / WisconsinNorth America 2Running2021-10-27 15:255839611316226260 km1834 km
1132Labico, RomeSystem RED, Ferrite Rod 20cmItalyEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:2599013583401310374 km2039 km
1139Graz - RagnitzSystem RED, ferrite rods, shie...AustriaEurope 1Running2021-10-27 15:25270025041413157994 km4433 km
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