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(Closest = Shortest distance to a strike position in whose calculation the station was involved)
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2332Chapel Hill,Using mag field only - 3 ortho...Australia / QueenslandJapan 1Running2022-01-20 14:103614228666973486 km5353 km
675Ruhland REDSKS 120 Ferrite rod & E-field ...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:091124638503489 km3594 km
2800RamsgateH-Field in LoftUnited KingdomSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:0926281466433492 km10149 km
2555Boecillo / ValladolidEA1FAQSpainAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:091061698643505 km4574 km
2818VeronaIZ3STA - Op. IlarioItalySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:091241834203508 km10510 km
1524Williams Lake, BCTESTING - BLUE, Ferrite rods 2...CanadaNorth America 2Running2022-01-20 14:11177655836803511 km4246 km
783BicesterUnited KingdomAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:097562403511 km8307 km
1163RedmondRED, 200mm x 7.5mm ferrite, Na...United States / WashingtonNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:079589623512 km4477 km
2235North Wales, Colwyn BayUnited KingdomSouth America 1Interference2022-01-20 14:083920840723517 km9962 km
2320Calvert Island, BCBLUE with 200mm ferrite rods &...CanadaNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:094543872923520 km4163 km
1892Quesnel, BCTesting installation, working ...CanadaNorth America 1Running2021-11-18 21:4637104170571103526 km4304 km
1818Renaico, IX RegionFirst station in Chile!ChileSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09147347804553527 km3831 km
2453Llwynhendy, Llanelli SA14 9**Delta 3 ferrite rod antenna.United KingdomAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:096342403528 km8176 km
1121BømloNorwayEurope 2Running2022-01-20 13:325011230303530 km3598 km
1121BømloNorwayEurope 3Running2022-01-20 13:325011230303530 km3598 km
2279AccraBlue ⋅ 2×200 ferrite ⋅ 7 ...GhanaAsia 1Running2022-01-20 14:09590354553531 km3915 km
2828Oakhill3 x 200mm Ferrite Rods in a Tr...United KingdomAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09318289203532 km7029 km
1140UfaH-field, E-field AntennaRussian FederationAfrica 1Running2021-08-29 21:0948023248943558 km5355 km
2279AccraBlue ⋅ 2×200 ferrite ⋅ 7 ...GhanaJapan 1Running2022-01-20 14:09590354523560 km3909 km
945PetrozavodskSystem REDRussian FederationAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:0828251813573 km4055 km
1393HannutBike antenna of 32cm with 150 ...BelgiumSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:095227436213585 km7077 km
2279AccraBlue ⋅ 2×200 ferrite ⋅ 7 ...GhanaNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09590354203593 km3888 km
1787BrandbuNorwayNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:06312203611 km4192 km
2220Pardinho - SPLittle Paradise FarmBrazilEurope 1Running2022-01-20 14:0848892661883612 km5804 km
2332Chapel Hill,Using mag field only - 3 ortho...Australia / QueenslandAsia 1Running2022-01-20 14:093639628861553616 km4104 km
2470HerentalsBelgiumSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:091837252213616 km8057 km
2769OmskRussian FederationJapan 2Running2022-01-20 14:10263821641203624 km6094 km
2095NakuruBlitz #8: TestingKenyaEurope 1Interference2022-01-11 19:5916346125301403640 km3758 km
2051Meteor O-I 'East'Blue / LoopReunionEurope 1Running2022-01-20 14:08113666468773641 km4047 km
2051Meteor O-I 'East'Blue / LoopReunionAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09114466526773641 km4043 km
1871Skiathos IslandBLUE E+H FIELDGreeceAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:092632271313655 km5153 km
2261HaleakalaHawaii Univ. Tohoku Univ. & SI...United States / HawaiiNorth America 2Running2022-01-20 14:1047502463323670 km6089 km
1524Williams Lake, BCTESTING - BLUE, Ferrite rods 2...CanadaNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:081815461682023673 km4577 km
1716Bertiolo (UD)Blue 2x20cm ferrite rodsItalySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09815605203673 km10682 km
993Maui, HawaiiShielded 300 x 7.5mm ferrite, ...United States / HawaiiNorth America 2Interference2022-01-20 01:399235273946703675 km6602 km
2767FairbanksUnited States / AlaskaNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:082488154223678 km3897 km
2828Oakhill3 x 200mm Ferrite Rods in a Tr...United KingdomSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09318289553679 km9911 km
1294LerumSystem RED ferrite rods 20 cmSwedenSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 12:2315151503683 km8043 km
2148MönchengladbachSystem Blue with Ferrite Rod A...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09347253223684 km7176 km
1417Meteor O-I 'North Center'Red / LoopReunionEurope 1Running2022-01-20 14:08279907690753685 km4220 km
1327Breitenbach am InnAustriaSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09414189203705 km7173 km
2441Yarm on TeesUnited KingdomSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09357253313706 km10161 km
2891System Blue, Waiting for Sprin...Russian FederationEurope 1Running2021-11-21 09:282823303718 km3858 km
1425Kastro ViotiasRED H-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:0985529403718 km3754 km
2052Meteor O-I 'South'Blue / LoopReunionEurope 1Running2022-01-20 14:0848853353111183724 km5314 km
2183PärnuSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09185164913727 km8302 km
994Hattingen (45527 / Elfert)Tobias Elfert / 45527 Hattinge...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:0950883800313743 km10512 km
1848EnschedeSystem BlueNetherlandsAfrica 1Bad GPS2022-01-16 10:344223403768 km4440 km
2637AafjordAutomatic gain configurationNorwayNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:0910801067313775 km3954 km
1761KisterenyeblueHungarySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09324276303777 km3811 km
1741IJsselmuidenBLUE - 2x 200mm ferrite rodsNetherlandsSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09749138323785 km7275 km
2065St. Georgen im Schwarzwald✱ antenna experimentsGermanyAfrica 1Running2021-11-07 02:48227211389634123788 km5353 km
2602CalgaryCanadaNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:08125293594503799 km5007 km
2890System Blue, winteringRussian FederationEurope 3Running2021-12-20 12:412421603812 km3993 km
2890System Blue, winteringRussian FederationEurope 2Running2021-12-20 12:412421703812 km3993 km
2065St. Georgen im Schwarzwald✱ antenna experimentsGermanySouth America 1Running2021-11-07 02:48198891203722133815 km8458 km
1625Pedara (CT) - System Blue 1625System Blue 1625ItalyAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09840647543823 km5669 km
2582SylhetBMD, Kyoto Univ.& SITBangladeshOceania 1Running2022-01-20 14:082064618707303826 km3984 km
2757OgoyaBulgariaNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09502128827313841 km4181 km
1251Palermo SouthSystemRED H + E - Associazione...ItalyAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:0832516443851 km5914 km
739Särö/Budskär (Göteborg)Local weather site south of G...SwedenAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:0968985731523851 km5432 km
2073FinlandAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:0942761021503851 km5283 km
2053Meteor O-I 'North'Blue / FerriteReunionAsia 1Running2022-01-20 14:0826415121123853 km7961 km
1481Pargas2x200mm ferrites + 380mm loop ...FinlandAfrica 1Running2021-11-14 16:10405371913854 km4137 km
2890System Blue, winteringRussian FederationEurope 1Running2021-12-20 12:412421603857 km4025 km
2494KrakówPolandAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09282195303867 km7331 km
1417Meteor O-I 'North Center'Red / LoopReunionAsia 1Running2022-01-20 14:0927873765429223869 km8454 km
910Częstochowa dz.PółnocStacja Meteo System REDPolandAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:0322221678203872 km3883 km
2044AngelrodaBlue with 3x200mm ferriteGermanySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:091510112784203872 km7360 km
2051Meteor O-I 'East'Blue / LoopReunionAsia 1Running2022-01-20 14:0911424650517123885 km7992 km
1352East LondonLocated 3.5 km from coast.South AfricaEurope 1Running2021-11-23 15:1962225075643890 km5522 km
2668BalkányHungaryAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 10:03242381013901 km4653 km
1367VenellesFranceEurope 1Running2021-12-25 21:231466382503907 km4542 km
841Münnerstadt, DW4939(RED) shielded ferrite rods, S...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:093962253503909 km7035 km
2607MassalioE field + H fieldSpainAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:0314152533912 km5004 km
830HønefossNorwayAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:099332052013912 km4881 km
2644Kalamata GreeceSystem Blue E-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09617565543934 km6009 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue, no E fi...SpainSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09107424916523943 km7272 km
2901Alix AlbertaCanadaNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09104813557503952 km4048 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue, no E fi...SpainNorth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09107084902633957 km4766 km
969GdańskRED H: loop 90cm sh.+ E 30cmPolandSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09707343413966 km11341 km
1426Yellowknife, NTCanadaNorth America 1Offline2022-01-20 14:09655665564003977 km5048 km
1221-Africa 1Running2021-12-16 13:534622156203980 km4235 km
2261HaleakalaHawaii Univ. Tohoku Univ. & SI...United States / HawaiiOceania 1Running2022-01-20 14:084690242418143986 km4675 km
1684TverSystem BlueRussian FederationAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09429359714001 km6756 km
785Cuxhaven-OxstedtSystem RED with shielded ferri...GermanySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09744166204005 km7496 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineJapan 1Running2022-01-20 14:0635192854019 km4454 km
1676VormsundLA9XKANorwaySouth America 1Running2022-01-20 14:09117574855304033 km4200 km
1326Lavrio AtticaRED H-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:036534324072 km4467 km
18Syros GRSystem green 6.8GreeceAfrica 1Offline2022-01-20 14:09126126414074 km6140 km
2401Mareuil - RED- Charente (Cogna...Red:- Experimental projectFranceAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:091787744314084 km5154 km
2220Pardinho - SPLittle Paradise FarmBrazilAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:0948912659664090 km5408 km
1903IzmirTesting BlueTurkeyAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09302183744090 km4837 km
2325Pikermi-East AtticaSystem Blue (E-Field)GreeceAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:099285534099 km6170 km
2907Levadia Greece St.2System Blue E-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09134036434104 km6178 km
2689Thunder Bay 1Running2022-01-20 14:093245563914106 km4667 km
1073Méribel-les-AlluesSystemRED, indoor, 1 loop ante...FranceSouth America 1Running2022-01-20 13:20150111304110 km10161 km
1445Hot Springs-2H: 2-200 x 7.5mmUnited States / ArkansasAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:04321291824111 km4395 km
1011Ilmajoki / Pojanluoma / REDRED SystemFinlandAfrica 1Running2022-01-20 14:09168310591014116 km11492 km
2053Meteor O-I 'North'Blue / FerriteReunionEurope 1Running2022-01-20 14:0826215012114142 km4549 km
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