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List of Stations for "-" sorted descending by City
(City = City in that the station is located (assigned by the user))
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2449United KingdomEurope 2Running2023-12-02 02:33282871421 km3898 km
2449United KingdomEurope 3Running2023-12-02 02:33282871421 km3898 km
2460RomaniaEurope 1Offline2023-11-11 07:40000024000 km0 km
2460RomaniaEurope 2Offline2023-11-11 07:40000024000 km0 km
2460RomaniaEurope 3Offline2023-11-11 07:40000024000 km0 km
2508Europe 1Running2023-12-02 02:401313131925 km1112 km
2508Europe 2Running2023-12-02 02:401313130924 km1306 km
2508Europe 3Running2023-12-02 02:401313130924 km1306 km
2528SloveniaEurope 1Offline2022-02-09 13:13000024000 km0 km
2528SloveniaEurope 2Offline2022-02-09 13:13000024000 km0 km
2528SloveniaEurope 3Offline2022-02-09 13:13000024000 km0 km
2548United States / MassachusettsNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 02:411272120412045181208 km4644 km
2548United States / MassachusettsAsia 1Running2023-12-02 02:411272120412121215 km3166 km
2548United States / MassachusettsJapan 1Running2023-12-02 02:411272120419122215 km3175 km
2548United States / MassachusettsNorth America 2Running2023-12-02 02:41127212041204881204 km4650 km
2549Europe 1Offline2023-12-02 02:4035833318346592 km968 km
2549Europe 2Offline2023-12-02 02:403583331881595 km920 km
2549Europe 3Offline2023-12-02 02:403583331881595 km920 km
2586United States / AlabamaNorth America 1Bad GPS2021-08-29 14:56000024000 km0 km
2604-Europe 1Running2023-12-02 02:40280000 km3836 km
2604-North America 1Running2023-12-02 02:40280000 km4633 km
2604-South America 1Running2023-12-02 02:40280001698 km3267 km
2604-North America 2Running2023-12-02 02:40280003 km4858 km
2605BLUE, e-field ~75cmUnited States / New JerseyNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 02:41971510731073508956 km5268 km
2605BLUE, e-field ~75cmUnited States / New JerseyNorth America 2Running2023-12-02 02:41971510731073254945 km4579 km
2640Europe 1Offline2023-09-19 06:30000024000 km0 km
2640Asia 1Offline2023-09-19 06:30000024000 km0 km
2640Africa 1Offline2023-09-19 06:30000024000 km0 km
2640Europe 2Offline2023-09-19 06:30000024000 km0 km
2640Europe 3Offline2023-09-19 06:30000024000 km0 km
2640India 1Offline2023-09-19 06:30000024000 km0 km
2705PolandEurope 1Running2023-12-02 02:4160062401605819 km1586 km
2705PolandEurope 2Running2023-12-02 02:4160082403351820 km1563 km
2705PolandEurope 3Running2023-12-02 02:4160092404351820 km1563 km
2708Europe 1Running2023-12-02 00:1566601863 km1981 km
2708Europe 2Running2023-12-02 00:1566601890 km1986 km
2708Europe 3Running2023-12-02 00:1566601890 km1986 km
2735SwedenEurope 1Bad GPS2023-11-11 04:46000024000 km0 km
2735SwedenEurope 2Bad GPS2023-11-11 04:46000024000 km0 km
2735SwedenEurope 3Bad GPS2023-11-11 04:46000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 1Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 2Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 3Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2821United KingdomEurope 1Running2023-12-02 02:4180658051254256 km3962 km
2821United KingdomEurope 2Running2023-12-02 02:4180688054132256 km3942 km
2821United KingdomEurope 3Running2023-12-02 02:4180698055132256 km3942 km
2822Europe 1Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2822Europe 2Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2822Europe 3Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2887SerbiaEurope 1Bad GPS2023-12-02 02:373303543323887 km1107 km
2887SerbiaEurope 2Bad GPS2023-12-02 02:37330354390892 km5553 km
2887SerbiaEurope 3Bad GPS2023-12-02 02:37330354390892 km5553 km
2900North America 1Running2023-12-02 02:4022901132871077923 km4215 km
2900North America 2Running2023-12-02 02:402290213288546923 km4117 km
2923Europe 1Offline2023-12-02 02:38118113462531 km1425 km
2923Europe 2Offline2023-12-02 02:38118113320533 km5451 km
2923Europe 3Offline2023-12-02 02:38118113320533 km5451 km
2939United States / ConnecticutNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 02:4157287288661402200 km4223 km
2939United States / ConnecticutNorth America 2Running2023-12-02 02:4157289288681201952 km4224 km
2942UkraineEurope 1Comm. Err2022-06-10 18:43000024000 km0 km
2942UkraineEurope 2Comm. Err2022-03-22 00:13000024000 km0 km
2942UkraineEurope 3Comm. Err2022-03-22 00:13000024000 km0 km
2951Europe 1Running2023-12-02 02:41128326685576990 km4112 km
2951Africa 1Running2023-12-02 02:41128326685642436 km3830 km
2951Europe 2Running2023-12-02 02:41128326685364997 km7486 km
2951Europe 3Running2023-12-02 02:41128326685364997 km7486 km
2960New ZealandOceania 1Running2023-12-02 02:391691407425672 km1773 km
2973North America 1Running2023-12-02 02:418094244471776 km4287 km
2973North America 2Running2023-12-02 02:418094242752026 km5510 km
2975Asia 1Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2975Japan 1Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2975Japan 2Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2977Europe 1Offline2023-01-06 18:43000024000 km0 km
2977Europe 2Offline2023-01-06 18:43000024000 km0 km
2977Europe 3Offline2023-01-06 18:43000024000 km0 km
2983Europe 1Offline2023-04-14 21:07000024000 km0 km
3009Europe 1Offline2023-11-22 19:30000024000 km0 km
3010Europe 1Offline2023-09-29 15:34000024000 km0 km
3027Europe 1Offline2023-11-24 08:00000024000 km0 km
3032Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 09:32000024000 km0 km
3032Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 09:32000024000 km0 km
3036Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 09:22000024000 km0 km
3036Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 09:22000024000 km0 km
3037Asia 1Offline2023-11-28 10:12000024000 km0 km
3037Japan 1Offline2023-11-28 10:12000024000 km0 km
3038Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 09:31000024000 km0 km
3038Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 09:31000024000 km0 km
3040Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 09:41000024000 km0 km
3040Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 09:41000024000 km0 km
3041Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 10:09000024000 km0 km
3041Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 10:09000024000 km0 km
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