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StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2640India 1Idle2024-04-12 23:3786641785 km3250 km
2708Europe 1Running2024-04-13 00:122827651123 km1540 km
2708Europe 2Running2024-04-13 00:12282784944 km1324 km
2708Europe 3Running2024-04-13 00:12282784944 km1324 km
2754Europe 1Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 2Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 3Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2822Europe 1Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2822Europe 2Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2822Europe 3Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2900North America 1Running2024-04-13 00:1613739857014485251 km4549 km
2900North America 2Running2024-04-13 00:1613743857211573235 km3517 km
2923Europe 1Offline2024-04-13 00:1634628412541911 km2691 km
2923Europe 2Offline2024-04-13 00:1634628414621905 km6211 km
2923Europe 3Offline2024-04-13 00:1634628414421905 km6211 km
2951Europe 1Running2024-04-13 00:1616641814460211466 km1690 km
2951Africa 1Running2024-04-13 00:16166448144512908 km4132 km
2951Europe 2Running2024-04-13 00:1616644814467141467 km6308 km
2951Europe 3Running2024-04-13 00:1616644814464121467 km6308 km
2973North America 1Idle2024-04-13 00:161186786224681220 km5898 km
2973North America 2Idle2024-04-13 00:161186786165351212 km4168 km
2975Asia 1Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2975Japan 1Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2975Japan 2Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2977Europe 1Offline2023-01-06 18:43000024000 km0 km
2977Europe 2Offline2023-01-06 18:43000024000 km0 km
2977Europe 3Offline2023-01-06 18:43000024000 km0 km
2983Europe 1Offline2023-04-14 21:07000024000 km0 km
3010Europe 1Offline2023-09-29 15:34000024000 km0 km
3024Europe 1Running2024-04-13 00:161230225802801965 km2072 km
3025Europe 1Offline2024-02-20 10:38000024000 km0 km
3027Europe 1Offline2023-11-24 08:00000024000 km0 km
3032Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 09:32000024000 km0 km
3032Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 09:32000024000 km0 km
3037Asia 1Offline2023-11-28 10:12000024000 km0 km
3037Japan 1Offline2023-11-28 10:12000024000 km0 km
3038Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 09:31000024000 km0 km
3038Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 09:31000024000 km0 km
3040Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 09:41000024000 km0 km
3040Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 09:41000024000 km0 km
3041Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 10:09000024000 km0 km
3041Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 10:09000024000 km0 km
3044Europe 1Offline2024-04-08 15:08000024000 km0 km
3045Europe 1Offline2024-04-10 13:56000024000 km0 km
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