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(City = City in that the station is located (assigned by the user))
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
854PolandEurope 1Offline2022-09-14 18:18000024000 km0 km
854PolandEurope 2Offline2022-09-14 18:18000024000 km0 km
854PolandEurope 3Offline2022-09-14 18:18000024000 km0 km
1221-Europe 1Offline2021-12-16 13:53000024000 km0 km
1221-Africa 1Offline2021-12-16 13:53000024000 km0 km
1221-Europe 2Offline2021-12-16 13:53000024000 km0 km
1221-Europe 3Offline2021-12-16 13:53000024000 km0 km
1405Europe 1Running2023-03-23 05:0922392384212 km4205 km
1405Europe 2Running2023-03-23 05:0922392320896 km1342 km
1405Europe 3Running2023-03-23 05:0922392320896 km1342 km
1610GermanyEurope 1Running2023-03-23 05:061552771179 km2266 km
1610GermanyEurope 2Running2023-03-23 05:061552770975 km1861 km
1610GermanyEurope 3Running2023-03-23 05:061552770975 km1861 km
1819United KingdomEurope 1Offline2022-10-29 23:59000024000 km0 km
1819United KingdomEurope 2Offline2022-10-29 13:56000024000 km0 km
1819United KingdomEurope 3Offline2022-10-29 13:56000024000 km0 km
1970Europe 1Running2023-03-23 05:08232594801121 km2250 km
1970Europe 2Running2023-03-23 05:082325971641 km1535 km
1970Europe 3Running2023-03-23 05:082325971641 km1535 km
2073FinlandEurope 1Running2023-03-23 05:1065963012111121 km2130 km
2073FinlandAsia 1Running2023-03-23 05:0863443022731851 km2500 km
2073FinlandAfrica 1Running2023-03-23 05:0864073021403393 km5371 km
2073FinlandEurope 2Running2023-03-23 05:1065423013101133 km6542 km
2073FinlandEurope 3Running2023-03-23 05:1065463013101133 km6542 km
2073FinlandJapan 2Running2023-03-23 05:106542301148866 km3544 km
2117Europe 1Running2022-10-30 00:00000024000 km0 km
2117Europe 2Running2022-10-29 13:54000024000 km0 km
2117Europe 3Running2022-10-29 13:54000024000 km0 km
2168Australia / Australian Capital TerritoryOceania 1Running2023-03-23 05:10472743528937163398120 km4820 km
2437United States / MontanaNorth America 1Offline2022-03-03 22:47000024000 km0 km
2437United States / MontanaNorth America 2Offline2022-03-03 22:47000024000 km0 km
2444North America 1Running2023-03-23 05:07833016016054943 km4226 km
2444North America 2Running2023-03-23 05:10820116116137943 km4599 km
2449United KingdomEurope 1Running2023-03-23 05:071477913858 km3649 km
2449United KingdomEurope 2Running2023-03-23 05:0714779181459 km3656 km
2449United KingdomEurope 3Running2023-03-23 05:0714779181459 km3656 km
2508Europe 1Offline2023-03-23 04:5813121201588 km1831 km
2508Europe 2Offline2023-03-23 04:5813121101369 km1982 km
2508Europe 3Offline2023-03-23 04:5813121211369 km1982 km
2528SloveniaEurope 1Offline2022-02-09 13:13000024000 km0 km
2528SloveniaEurope 2Offline2022-02-09 13:13000024000 km0 km
2528SloveniaEurope 3Offline2022-02-09 13:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanEurope 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanOceania 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanNorth America 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanAsia 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanAfrica 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanJapan 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanEurope 2Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanEurope 3Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2534JapanJapan 2Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2535JapanEurope 1Running2023-03-23 05:0952712000 km0 km
2535JapanAsia 1Running2023-03-23 05:08524121212192 km1484 km
2535JapanJapan 1Running2023-03-23 05:085241251887 km1270 km
2535JapanJapan 2Running2023-03-23 05:09527121212192 km1484 km
2537JapanOceania 1Offline2021-11-25 07:30000024000 km0 km
2537JapanNorth America 1Offline2021-11-25 07:30000024000 km0 km
2537JapanAsia 1Offline2021-11-25 07:30000024000 km0 km
2537JapanJapan 1Offline2021-11-25 07:30000024000 km0 km
2537JapanJapan 2Offline2021-11-25 07:30000024000 km0 km
2539JapanEurope 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2539JapanOceania 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2539JapanAsia 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2539JapanSouth America 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2539JapanAfrica 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2539JapanJapan 1Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2539JapanEurope 2Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2539JapanEurope 3Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2539JapanJapan 2Offline2021-11-25 06:13000024000 km0 km
2548United States / MassachusettsNorth America 1Running2023-03-23 05:071253710710420688 km4734 km
2548United States / MassachusettsAsia 1Running2023-03-23 05:08125671280321279 km2606 km
2548United States / MassachusettsJapan 1Running2023-03-23 05:081265720741348 km5436 km
2548United States / MassachusettsNorth America 2Running2023-03-23 05:101265722722272724 km7740 km
2549Europe 1Running2023-03-23 04:559894257302 km2164 km
2549Europe 2Running2023-03-23 04:5598941001500 km2268 km
2549Europe 3Running2023-03-23 04:5598941101500 km2268 km
2586United States / AlabamaNorth America 1Bad GPS2021-08-29 14:56000024000 km0 km
2604-Europe 1Running2023-03-23 05:10279231052411102688 km4605 km
2604-North America 1Running2023-03-23 05:082801710627842093 km3404 km
2604-South America 1Running2023-03-23 05:0828109106491192305 km6302 km
2604-North America 2Running2023-03-23 05:102780410467512513 km5930 km
2605United States / New JerseyNorth America 1Running2023-03-23 05:071665578578285508 km4996 km
2605United States / New JerseyNorth America 2Running2023-03-23 05:101670584580186507 km4841 km
2640Europe 1Running2023-03-23 05:1020418554839 km2803 km
2640Asia 1Running2023-03-23 05:07198179522629 km2908 km
2640Africa 1Running2023-03-23 05:08201182332585 km2745 km
2640Europe 2Running2023-03-23 05:09201182321137 km1384 km
2640Europe 3Running2023-03-23 05:09201182321137 km1384 km
2640India 1Running2023-03-23 05:09201182522797 km4131 km
2705PolandEurope 1Running2023-03-23 05:10894043232601052 km5657 km
2705PolandEurope 2Running2023-03-23 05:10886442953701058 km6074 km
2705PolandEurope 3Running2023-03-23 05:10886642963701058 km6074 km
2708Europe 1Running2023-03-23 03:0022201587 km2237 km
2708Europe 2Running2023-03-23 03:0022202026 km2987 km
2708Europe 3Running2023-03-23 03:0022202026 km2987 km
2735SwedenEurope 1Bad GPS2023-03-21 14:00000024000 km0 km
2735SwedenEurope 2Bad GPS2023-03-21 14:00000024000 km0 km
2735SwedenEurope 3Bad GPS2023-03-21 14:00000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 1Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 2Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
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