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StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
1405Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:336530902274 km2454 km
1405Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:3365301402132 km2456 km
1405Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:3565291502132 km2456 km
1970Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:322232214363 km1699 km
1970Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:342242214149 km1834 km
1970Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:342242216149 km1967 km
2117Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:34230816446601492 km2291 km
2117Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:35232116569101492 km9637 km
2117Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:35232116569001492 km9637 km
2444North America 1Bad GPS2022-01-22 01:2410745538101355 km2557 km
2444North America 2Bad GPS2022-01-22 01:241074551311763 km2557 km
2508Europe 1Running2022-01-22 00:1145373719202 km2063 km
2508Europe 2Running2022-01-22 00:1145373011201 km1975 km
2508Europe 3Running2022-01-22 00:114537279202 km1975 km
2549Europe 1Running2022-01-22 04:221901526414360 km3015 km
2549Europe 2Running2022-01-22 04:221921549120360 km2800 km
2549Europe 3Running2022-01-22 04:221921549724360 km2800 km
2640Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:2034341002747 km3202 km
2640Asia 1Running2022-01-22 06:2034341372749 km3053 km
2640Africa 1Running2022-01-22 06:20343473447 km4860 km
2640Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:203434802750 km3242 km
2640Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:203434902750 km3242 km
2653Oceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:34190901448311276741347 km4431 km
2708Europe 1Running2022-01-22 05:231716902044 km2618 km
2708Europe 2Running2022-01-22 05:231716202552 km2586 km
2708Europe 3Running2022-01-22 05:231716202552 km2586 km
2754Europe 1Running2021-09-21 11:154102042193 km516 km
2754Europe 2Running2021-09-21 11:1541020187111 km584 km
2754Europe 3Running2021-09-21 11:1541020176111 km581 km
2822Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:34134088108702651 km2906 km
2822Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:351329180261001727 km2991 km
2822Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:351329180261001727 km3100 km
2877Europe 1Running2021-08-22 18:2412750843572897222 km4114 km
2900North America 1Running2022-01-22 06:35359610826323266 km4907 km
2900North America 2Running2022-01-22 06:35359310795203811 km4455 km
2923Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:231561324561247 km1676 km
2923Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:231571336641231 km1675 km
2923Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:231571336661231 km1675 km
2939North America 1Bad GPS2021-12-29 22:0027193302413231625 km2742 km
2939North America 2Bad GPS2021-12-29 22:0027194302410323626 km4265 km
2951Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:341026869063602572 km8761 km
2951Africa 1Running2022-01-22 06:311033069152083972 km4330 km
2951Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:351024068916442559 km7916 km
2951Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:351024168926742559 km7916 km
1221-Europe 1Running2021-12-16 13:5346221551041282 km3475 km
1221-Africa 1Running2021-12-16 13:534622156203980 km4235 km
1221-Europe 2Running2021-12-16 13:5346221561021283 km2785 km
1221-Europe 3Running2021-12-16 13:5346221561021283 km2785 km
1947Sesljan - Devin Nabrezina - ...-Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:34984984205261200 km2030 km
1947Sesljan - Devin Nabrezina - ...-Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:35982383996261199 km9492 km
1947Sesljan - Devin Nabrezina - ...-Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:35982383996371199 km9492 km
2604-Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:3425884835314141898 km4783 km
2604-North America 1Running2022-01-22 06:35258238354322865 km2967 km
2604-South America 1Running2022-01-22 06:352595084341041324 km3202 km
2604-North America 2Running2022-01-22 06:342579883401061618 km4063 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-Europe 1Running2022-01-22 06:3411375107251601912 km2455 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-Asia 1Running2022-01-22 06:3411341106781491820 km2382 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-South America 1Running2022-01-22 06:351135510691212727 km8038 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-Africa 1Running2022-01-22 06:3011460107951213133 km8583 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-Japan 1Running2022-01-22 06:301146010795751402 km5484 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-Europe 2Running2022-01-22 06:3411341106782601911 km2552 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-Europe 3Running2022-01-22 06:3411341106782401911 km2552 km
2888Algiers2 Ferrite Rod Antennas - 20cmAlgeriaEurope 1Running2022-01-22 06:34124541881201940 km5154 km
2888Algiers2 Ferrite Rod Antennas - 20cmAlgeriaSouth America 1Running2022-01-22 06:35125771901054906 km5156 km
2888Algiers2 Ferrite Rod Antennas - 20cmAlgeriaAfrica 1Running2022-01-22 06:31125041841525008 km5194 km
2888Algiers2 Ferrite Rod Antennas - 20cmAlgeriaEurope 2Running2022-01-22 06:34125021891301846 km2372 km
2888Algiers2 Ferrite Rod Antennas - 20cmAlgeriaEurope 3Running2022-01-22 06:34125021891611838 km2372 km
2236Buenos AiresArgentinaNorth America 1Running2021-10-02 15:4160353717000 km0 km
2236Buenos AiresArgentinaSouth America 1Running2021-10-02 15:4160353717220 km7019 km
2347RosarioProyecto Alerta TempranaArgentinaNorth America 1Running2021-12-20 02:5888364532552527 km3390 km
2347RosarioProyecto Alerta TempranaArgentinaSouth America 1Running2021-12-20 02:5888364532332317 km6248 km
1911Yerevan Physics InstituteSystem BlueArmeniaEurope 1Running2021-10-26 08:39109055090666682018 km5058 km
1911Yerevan Physics InstituteSystem BlueArmeniaAsia 1Running2021-10-26 08:391090550903242045 km2451 km
1911Yerevan Physics InstituteSystem BlueArmeniaEurope 2Running2021-10-26 08:391090550901069461917 km5742 km
1911Yerevan Physics InstituteSystem BlueArmeniaEurope 3Running2021-10-26 08:391090550901069461917 km5742 km
2168Australia / Australian Capital TerritoryOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:342546891818845641156 km4905 km
812Albury, NSW.Primary sensorAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:341155910551159311111030 km4851 km
848Wagga Wagga, NSWAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:3482995832145910941011 km4798 km
877Orchard HillsAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Bad GPS2021-08-19 23:123756666148 km605 km
1185Lewisham, NSW.Australia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:34890236352291421284 km3188 km
1383South Sydney, NSWAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 01:041758222152136 km2895 km
1614Newcastle20cm ferrites, E-field with 10...Australia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:34125239636163813361290 km4853 km
1649Kurrajong HeightsAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:344886622302166 km2507 km
1928InverellAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:341901116846150011781223 km4580 km
2039GerringongBlue 100mm E 2x200mm FerriteHAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:34448838629954541275 km4236 km
2041Tamworth3 x 20cm ferrite H field. 1 x ...Australia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:34578812505674041200 km4180 km
2093CarlingfordH-Field External 2x200mm Ferri...Australia / New South WalesOceania 1Bad GPS2021-11-23 22:4610603633130427 km3052 km
2144Federal, NSWAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:341594611907156211551459 km4658 km
2311BallinaAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:34268244321466 km2065 km
2342KulnuraAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:344719611326 km2454 km
2414Peats RidgeTemporary Install - reliably h...Australia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2021-12-03 02:0811944928714353342 km2522 km
2428LismoreTestingAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2021-10-26 08:541267411078268250169 km3237 km
2428LismoreTestingAustralia / New South WalesAsia 1Running2021-10-26 08:541267411078000 km0 km
2435Hornsby, NSWSystem Blue; three-axis ferrit...Australia / New South WalesOceania 1Interference2022-01-09 17:1089576759384260326 km9756 km
2648MaroubraAustralia / New South WalesEurope 1Running2022-01-22 06:34125696420000 km0 km
2648MaroubraAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:341261064214462871285 km3555 km
2648MaroubraAustralia / New South WalesAfrica 1Running2022-01-22 06:31126056422110 km9290 km
2648MaroubraAustralia / New South WalesEurope 2Running2022-01-22 06:3412610642112012927 km15970 km
2648MaroubraAustralia / New South WalesEurope 3Running2022-01-22 06:3412610642112012927 km15970 km
2892Sanctuary PointAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2022-01-22 06:34119775091277 km2660 km
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