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(Country = Country in that the station is located (assigned by the user))
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
1405Europe 1Running2024-07-15 18:4987451213510456 km1065 km
1405Europe 2Running2024-07-15 18:498745123148456 km1168 km
1405Europe 3Running2024-07-15 18:508735113369454 km1169 km
1970Europe 1Running2024-07-15 18:49725630978 km1136 km
1970Europe 2Running2024-07-15 18:497256170577 km1151 km
1970Europe 3Running2024-07-15 18:497256180578 km1151 km
2117Europe 1Idle2024-04-13 11:34000024000 km0 km
2117Europe 2Idle2024-04-13 11:34000024000 km0 km
2117Europe 3Idle2024-04-13 11:34000024000 km0 km
2444North America 1Offline2023-12-24 17:36000024000 km0 km
2444North America 2Offline2023-12-24 17:36000024000 km0 km
2508Europe 1Running2024-07-15 18:491025537402585 km1688 km
2508Europe 2Running2024-07-15 18:4910255371036982 km1670 km
2508Europe 3Running2024-07-15 18:4910255371087682 km1670 km
2549Europe 1Offline2024-07-15 18:30777444174 km70 km
2549Europe 2Offline2024-07-15 18:307774411820 km832 km
2549Europe 3Offline2024-07-15 18:307774412120 km831 km
2640Europe 1Running2024-07-15 18:4510497712077 km3863 km
2640Asia 1Running2024-07-15 18:4510497612071 km3932 km
2640Africa 1Running2024-07-15 18:4510497971407 km2806 km
2640Europe 2Running2024-07-15 18:4510497502139 km4653 km
2640Europe 3Running2024-07-15 18:4510497312370 km4651 km
2640WorldRunning2024-07-15 18:45104971052161 km6817 km
2708Europe 1Running2024-07-15 18:40393621356 km1331 km
2708Europe 2Running2024-07-15 18:403936146132 km2041 km
2708Europe 3Running2024-07-15 18:403936168132 km2041 km
2754Europe 1Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 2Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2754Europe 3Offline2021-09-21 11:15000024000 km0 km
2822Europe 1Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2822Europe 2Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2822Europe 3Offline2023-10-08 11:49000024000 km0 km
2900North America 1Running2024-07-15 18:49311492253646831379 km4622 km
2900North America 2Running2024-07-15 18:49316302293577948947 km4894 km
2923Europe 1Offline2024-07-15 18:497412669759630065 km1855 km
2923Europe 2Offline2024-07-15 18:497414669954622687 km1993 km
2923Europe 3Offline2024-07-15 18:497414669955322387 km1993 km
2951Europe 1Running2024-07-15 18:4913544502670611639 km4661 km
2951Africa 1Running2024-07-15 18:49135445026742640 km3014 km
2951Europe 2Running2024-07-15 18:501348650037395641 km6008 km
2951Europe 3Running2024-07-15 18:501302448587126642 km7079 km
2975Asia 1Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2975Japan 1Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2975Japan 2Offline2022-09-02 15:43000024000 km0 km
2983Europe 1Offline2023-04-14 21:07000024000 km0 km
3010Europe 1Offline2023-09-29 15:34000024000 km0 km
3032Asia 1Offline2023-11-23 09:32000024000 km0 km
3032Japan 1Offline2023-11-23 09:32000024000 km0 km
3033Oceania 1Offline2024-07-10 05:41000024000 km0 km
3033Asia 1Offline2024-07-10 05:41000024000 km0 km
3033Japan 1Offline2024-07-10 05:41000024000 km0 km
3033Japan 2Offline2024-07-10 05:41000024000 km0 km
3033WorldOffline2024-07-10 05:41000024000 km0 km
3034Asia 1Offline2024-07-10 06:44000024000 km0 km
3034Japan 1Offline2024-07-10 06:44000024000 km0 km
3037Asia 1Offline2023-11-28 10:12000024000 km0 km
3037Japan 1Offline2023-11-28 10:12000024000 km0 km
3038Asia 1Offline2024-07-08 06:45000024000 km0 km
3038Japan 1Offline2024-07-08 06:45000024000 km0 km
3040Asia 1Offline2024-07-08 06:37000024000 km0 km
3040Japan 1Offline2024-07-08 06:37000024000 km0 km
3041Asia 1Offline2024-07-08 06:37000024000 km0 km
3041Japan 1Offline2024-07-08 06:37000024000 km0 km
3042Europe 1Offline2024-06-30 12:42000024000 km0 km
3042Europe 2Offline2024-06-30 12:42000024000 km0 km
3042Europe 3Offline2024-06-30 12:42000024000 km0 km
3053Europe 1Offline2024-05-10 10:58000024000 km0 km
3054Europe 1Offline2024-05-11 18:58000024000 km0 km
3055Europe 1Offline2024-05-09 21:05000024000 km0 km
3062North America 1Offline2024-06-10 10:54000024000 km0 km
3063Europe 1Offline2024-06-03 15:03000024000 km0 km
3066Oceania 1Offline2024-07-02 09:10000024000 km0 km
3066Asia 1Offline2024-07-02 09:10000024000 km0 km
3067Oceania 1Offline2024-07-04 09:40000024000 km0 km
3067Asia 1Offline2024-07-04 09:40000024000 km0 km
3067Japan 1Offline2024-07-04 09:40000024000 km0 km
3067Japan 2Offline2024-07-04 09:40000024000 km0 km
3067WorldOffline2024-07-04 09:40000024000 km0 km
3068Oceania 1Offline2024-07-02 09:17000024000 km0 km
3068Asia 1Offline2024-07-02 09:17000024000 km0 km
3068Japan 1Offline2024-07-02 09:17000024000 km0 km
3068Japan 2Offline2024-07-02 09:17000024000 km0 km
3068WorldOffline2024-07-02 09:17000024000 km0 km
1221-Europe 1Offline2021-12-16 13:53000024000 km0 km
1221-Africa 1Offline2021-12-16 13:53000024000 km0 km
1221-Europe 2Offline2021-12-16 13:53000024000 km0 km
1221-Europe 3Offline2021-12-16 13:53000024000 km0 km
1947Sesljan - Devin Nabrezina - ...-Europe 1Running2024-07-15 18:50461973493158391064291 km4270 km
1947Sesljan - Devin Nabrezina - ...-Europe 2Running2024-07-15 18:5045653345032851413166 km7151 km
1947Sesljan - Devin Nabrezina - ...-Europe 3Running2024-07-15 18:5046237349562813410166 km8768 km
2272-Oceania 1Offline2022-12-05 00:17000024000 km0 km
2272-Asia 1Offline2022-12-05 00:17000024000 km0 km
2272-Japan 2Offline2022-12-05 00:17000024000 km0 km
2604-Europe 1Idle2024-07-13 05:00000024000 km0 km
2604-North America 1Idle2024-07-13 05:00000024000 km0 km
2604-South America 1Idle2024-07-13 05:00000024000 km0 km
2604-Europe 2Idle2024-07-13 05:00000024000 km0 km
2604-Europe 3Idle2024-07-13 05:00000024000 km0 km
2604-North America 2Idle2024-07-13 05:00000024000 km0 km
2991BudapestTest-old-Europe 1Comm. Err2023-05-17 18:42000024000 km0 km
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