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(City = City in that the station is located (assigned by the user))
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2453Llwynhendy, Llanelli SA14 9**Delta 3 ferrite rod antenna.United KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:435420983 km992 km
2453Llwynhendy, Llanelli SA14 9**Delta 3 ferrite rod antenna.United KingdomAsia 1Running2021-08-04 19:451110776 km994 km
2453Llwynhendy, Llanelli SA14 9**Delta 3 ferrite rod antenna.United KingdomSouth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:4511000 km0 km
2453Llwynhendy, Llanelli SA14 9**Delta 3 ferrite rod antenna.United KingdomAfrica 1Running2021-08-04 19:4510000 km0 km
2453Llwynhendy, Llanelli SA14 9**Delta 3 ferrite rod antenna.United KingdomJapan 1Running2021-08-04 19:4510000 km0 km
1475LobbesElectric fieldBelgiumEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:441717171397 km585 km
414Lochowburze.dzis.netPolandEurope 1Offline2020-06-19 18:4100000 km0 km
2070Lochowburze.dzis.netPolandEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:44140105901510 km2309 km
768Lohja (Karjalohja)Cu cross loop 90cmFinlandEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:4318538156691176205620 km3126 km
625Lohja (Ojamonkatu)Cu cross loop 90cmFinlandEurope 1Offline2021-06-16 10:3900000 km0 km
128LohmarGermanyEurope 1Offline2020-01-10 19:3400000 km0 km
763Lohn-AmmannseggSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:18660000 km0 km
1744Loisin (haute-savoie)System Bue - sous toiture dans...FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:44342722266 km272 km
731Loissin OT GahlkowSystem Red, 2x 120 FerriteGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:43807939161034282 km3027 km
2552LokevSloveniaEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:442015150743 km892 km
2002LondonBLUE 2x20cm ferrites+E. 19.3c....United KingdomEurope 1Running2021-07-23 06:1400000 km0 km
2870LondonRadio station M0BPQUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:448771663 km1879 km
29LonnerstadtGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:43119119330651 km1391 km
762LonseeRed PCB 10.3 / PCB 13.1 / PCB ...GermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:43878420535 km545 km
566Lorch (BW)RED - 20cm ferrite antennaGermanyEurope 1Running2020-07-01 16:4300000 km0 km
1751LouisianaUnited States / MissouriunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:249722157 km1300 km
1751LouisianaUnited States / MissouriNorth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:4533201238 km1246 km
1751LouisianaUnited States / MissouriAsia 1Running2021-08-04 19:4544000 km0 km
1751LouisianaUnited States / MissouriSouth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:4566441224 km1398 km
1751LouisianaUnited States / MissouriAfrica 1Running2021-08-04 19:4676000 km0 km
1751LouisianaUnited States / MissouriJapan 1Running2021-08-04 19:4680000 km0 km
2389LovozeroSystem BlueRussian FederationEurope 1Running2021-08-04 14:2000000 km0 km
2288Loxley, Alabama, United StatesBlue, 3 x Ferrite RodUnited States / AlabamaNorth America 1Interference2019-08-14 17:3900000 km0 km
1655LubbockNational Weather ServiceUnited States / TexasunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:2412772915 km2407 km
1655LubbockNational Weather ServiceUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2021-08-04 12:4700000 km0 km
2510Lucan, Dublin20cm Ferrite RodIrelandEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:44333389 km2607 km
1762LucenecLosoncSlovakia (Slovak Republic)Europe 1Running2021-08-04 10:5000000 km0 km
1442LuconSysteme REDFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:442111278 km422 km
1603LudvikaSwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:44332111325 km325 km
990LuganoSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:43648633241322 km1446 km
990LuganoSwitzerlandAsia 1Running2021-08-04 19:456744000 km0 km
990LuganoSwitzerlandSouth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:4511081000 km0 km
990LuganoSwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2021-08-04 19:45160121000 km0 km
990LuganoSwitzerlandJapan 1Running2021-08-04 19:461750000 km0 km
2730LundSwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:449782201464 km1490 km
1565Lutsen250mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-Field...United States / MinnesotaNorth America 1Running2021-07-28 20:3100000 km0 km
2525LutskTestingUkraineEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:39151000 km0 km
1341LuumäkiFinlandEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:444643602253 km2261 km
420LvivUkraineEurope 1Offline2019-08-22 23:1700000 km0 km
2740LvivUkraineEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:4433000 km0 km
1581Lyon EstBlue SystemFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:449910178 km178 km
1015Lyrup, South Australia300mm ferrite Hfield/800mm Efi...Australia / South AustraliaOceania 1Running2021-08-04 19:4411000 km0 km
300LéognanFranceEurope 1Offline2019-10-17 20:3000000 km0 km
1129LübbenauSystem REDGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:43727000 km0 km
618LübeckRED 10.3/12.3, 2*SKS200/10NGermanyEurope 1Running2019-05-26 14:0600000 km0 km
997LübeckSystem REDGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:443027276134 km3431 km
1464LüdenscheidBLUE - DG4DAZGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:448770603 km610 km
2223LüneburgGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:44422622268 km918 km
1791MIKOŁÓWSośnia Góra - supported by S...PolandEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:42239000 km0 km
2134MSBulgariaEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:44312233519 km641 km
1545MacclesfieldUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2020-08-12 22:1000000 km0 km
1469MachynllethBlue_2x_1m_8T_Working_on_NoiseUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2020-07-18 09:4400000 km0 km
1539MacombBlue Unshielded 9.5 X 210mm Ma...United States / IllinoisunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:241087915152 km3064 km
1539MacombBlue Unshielded 9.5 X 210mm Ma...United States / IllinoisNorth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:45484870678 km1624 km
1539MacombBlue Unshielded 9.5 X 210mm Ma...United States / IllinoisSouth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:45666526101325 km2249 km
1591MadisonSystem Blue 10cm E-Field Madis...United States / WisconsinunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:244211265 km265 km
1591MadisonSystem Blue 10cm E-Field Madis...United States / WisconsinNorth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:4411101638 km1651 km
2333MadisonMadison WestUnited States / WisconsinunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:241751415413262 km3364 km
2333MadisonMadison WestUnited States / WisconsinNorth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:454974821021635 km2856 km
1490MadridGEOI+D (Mercator Reserach Grou...SpainEurope 1Bad GPS2021-08-04 19:4213113110864 km864 km
2671Madrid (Montecarmelo-Mirasierr...System blue with ferrite rodsSpainEurope 1Running2021-08-04 11:3600000 km0 km
951Magurele, IlfovBLZ-INCDFP-0 - RED - 20 cm Fer...RomaniaEurope 1Interference2019-09-11 08:0500000 km0 km
1309MagyaratádHungaryEurope 1Running2019-04-26 23:5000000 km0 km
2569MagyaratádHungaryEurope 1Running2021-08-04 18:080000601 km605 km
2178Mainz-GrossbergGermanyEurope 1Bad GPS2021-08-04 18:415553317 km574 km
803Makrigialos / PieriaRED H-Field & E-Field // www.s...GreeceEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:4361112392767 km1607 km
1402Malartic, Quebec ;-) (RED)testingCanadaNorth America 1Interference2019-08-27 20:0800000 km0 km
1956MalatyaTurkeyEurope 1Running2020-11-26 02:5800000 km0 km
1956MalatyaTurkeyAfrica 1Running2020-11-26 02:5800000 km0 km
1668ManchesterUnited States / New HampshireunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:241611115246 km3970 km
1668ManchesterUnited States / New HampshireNorth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:451616602233 km2348 km
2859ManchesterUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:458121171791 km827 km
2598Mandalay (Under construction)DMH,ORIE, Kyoto Univ.& SITMyanmarOceania 1Running2020-02-13 05:2300000 km0 km
2598Mandalay (Under construction)DMH,ORIE, Kyoto Univ.& SITMyanmarAsia 1Running2020-02-13 05:2300000 km0 km
2598Mandalay (Under construction)DMH,ORIE, Kyoto Univ.& SITMyanmarJapan 1Running2020-02-13 05:2300000 km0 km
40Mandres les RosesFranceEurope 1Offline2019-12-05 13:4000000 km0 km
1979Manic V QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2021-06-02 13:4500000 km0 km
2012ManilaASTI, Hokkaido Univ. & SITPhilippinesOceania 1Running2019-06-01 18:4800000 km0 km
2012ManilaASTI, Hokkaido Univ. & SITPhilippinesAsia 1Running2019-06-01 18:4800000 km0 km
2628Maniwaki QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaunknownRunning2021-07-29 15:26225719611961645406 km4483 km
2628Maniwaki QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:1700000 km0 km
2110ManliusW2PJ Weather CenterUnited States / New YorkunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:2422101362 km1362 km
2110ManliusW2PJ Weather CenterUnited States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2021-08-04 19:456464402070 km2083 km
1806Mantes la jolie (78)FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:4432113220298 km306 km
354MarbachGermanyEurope 1Offline2021-07-22 15:0700000 km0 km
2783Mareuil - BLUE - Charente (Cog...Blue:- Experimental project.FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:44634764233 km374 km
2401Mareuil - RED- Charente (Cogna...Red:- Experimental projectFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:44745832233 km361 km
2401Mareuil - RED- Charente (Cogna...Red:- Experimental projectFranceAfrica 1Running2021-08-04 19:46183113303131 km3137 km
115Maria LanzendorfAustriaEurope 1Offline2020-01-19 23:2000000 km0 km
194MariborSloveniaEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:43322322230842 km1152 km
1959MariborHive_01SloveniaEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:444224102817 km2817 km
2568MariborSloveniaEurope 1Running2021-07-27 14:5100000 km0 km
2190MariehamnBLUE system, 2 x 200mm FE rodsFinlandEurope 1Running2020-11-05 12:2600000 km0 km
2211Mariánské Lázně - SlatinaBlue / 3x ferrite rod / Meteop...Czech RepublicEurope 1Bad GPS2019-09-22 07:5300000 km0 km
2159MarkBulgariaEurope 1Running2021-08-04 19:445322000 km0 km
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