Network for Lightning and Thunderstorms in Real Time - Real time lightning map
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(Station = Station number (assigned by the system))
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
807Houston (Royal Oaks)Station moved 12km 1/22/18United States / TexasSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:1263559633373 km1378 km
808Minden - 808300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / NevadaunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:2466501631 km3830 km
808Minden - 808300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / NevadaNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:1218916963437 km1231 km
809Gabicce MareItalyEurope 1Running2020-11-25 13:4400000 km0 km
810La Boissiere-EcoleRED - Moebius 60 cm outdoor - ...FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1010061130686 km2559 km
811BeaconsfieldUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2019-12-22 12:2500000 km0 km
812Albury, NSW.Primary sensorAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2021-08-01 19:122828101092 km1092 km
815SparbuLower gainNorwayEurope 1Running2021-08-01 18:589191000 km0 km
818Berlin-MariendorfGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:10111140 km800 km
819St Laurent de la Salanque (RED...REDFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1020371859264405 km1531 km
820VilsbiburgGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:101111108 km795 km
820VilsbiburgGermanyAsia 1Running2021-08-01 19:12931711706 km706 km
820VilsbiburgGermanySouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:1210718000 km0 km
820VilsbiburgGermanyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:1217215000 km0 km
821Sedrun, GRwetter-sedrun.chSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:113333231 km2535 km
822ThurlesIrelandEurope 1Running2020-08-27 18:3500000 km0 km
823Sint-Katelijne-WaverRED, Ferrite Rod 120 mmBelgiumEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:10111133 km1201 km
824SieghartskirchenOE3MNSAustriaEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:112222238 km2196 km
824SieghartskirchenOE3MNSAustriaAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:1212678000 km0 km
826Solingen (Ohligs)RED SystemGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1013785630200 km1277 km
826Solingen (Ohligs)RED SystemGermanySouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:1193000 km0 km
826Solingen (Ohligs)RED SystemGermanyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:1193000 km0 km
828Frankenthal (RED)DC5TV & DD1WTGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:10328320000 km0 km
82972406 BisingenRed: Ant: 2x SKS 300/15 DL1SEWGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:102974160457 km886 km
82972406 BisingenRed: Ant: 2x SKS 300/15 DL1SEWGermanyAsia 1Running2021-08-01 19:121856000 km0 km
830HønefossNorwayEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:112222362 km1806 km
830HønefossNorwayAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:121712000 km0 km
833UitgeestRED-10.3/12.3c, loop antennaNetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:109222000 km0 km
834BremgartenProjektgruppe HB9F, BernSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:10268157189278 km1024 km
836Castano Primo (MI) - CMLItalyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1033191919138 km1307 km
837TettnangGermanyEurope 1Running2021-07-05 17:4200000 km0 km
838Schüpfen (HB9TCG)Projektgruppe HB9F/HB9TCG,BernSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1040736271312 km1064 km
838Schüpfen (HB9TCG)Projektgruppe HB9F/HB9TCG,BernSwitzerlandSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:12193167000 km0 km
838Schüpfen (HB9TCG)Projektgruppe HB9F/HB9TCG,BernSwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:12194169000 km0 km
839OrangeREDFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:101111206 km1603 km
841Münnerstadt, DW4939(RED) shielded ferrite rods, S...GermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:11433363 km2307 km
841Münnerstadt, DW4939(RED) shielded ferrite rods, S...GermanySouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:12127106000 km0 km
841Münnerstadt, DW4939(RED) shielded ferrite rods, S...GermanyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:1212887103332 km3332 km
843Deepcut.United KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:101110341 km3911 km
844Rockingham⚡ Solar-powered Sys REDAustralia / Western AustraliaOceania 1Running2019-10-09 06:2200000 km0 km
845HeinenoordSystem Red met 2 ferriet stave...NetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:103011112100 km1466 km
846SpiezProjektgruppe HB9F, Bern / 1 ...SwitzerlandEurope 1Running2020-06-11 06:1300000 km0 km
847WillichGermanyEurope 1Running2019-08-11 19:2600000 km0 km
849Corryong, VicAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2021-08-01 19:09662000 km0 km
851BialowiezaPolandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:11422243 km629 km
853Warsawadam@so.plPolandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:10647000 km0 km
854PolandEurope 1Running2018-11-30 18:5400000 km0 km
855ZagórzycePolandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1010000 km0 km
856ReutlingenRED,Ant.SKS2ØØ/1ØN DLØRTGermanyEurope 1Running2020-02-12 01:2600000 km0 km
857WittgensdorfSystem REDGermanyEurope 1Running2020-08-24 18:4500000 km0 km
858TomarRED / Ferrite Rod 120mm outdoo...PortugalEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:041818000 km0 km
858TomarRED / Ferrite Rod 120mm outdoo...PortugalAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:0400000 km0 km
862MoitaRED / Ferrite Rod 120mm indoorPortugalEurope 1Running2021-05-04 15:3500000 km0 km
862MoitaRED / Ferrite Rod 120mm indoorPortugalAfrica 1Running2021-05-04 15:3500000 km0 km
866Bad Dürrenberg (RED)GermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:113330598 km963 km
866Bad Dürrenberg (RED)GermanySouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:12259181000 km0 km
866Bad Dürrenberg (RED)GermanyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:1227490000 km0 km
867G.LozenBulgariaEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:113310839 km839 km
867G.LozenBulgariaAsia 1Running2021-08-01 19:1254841430425 km496 km
868ErlauSystem RED; 2x SKS120NGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1045514640261 km1974 km
869Bos-cha, GR (RED)OfflineSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2020-11-29 14:3500000 km0 km
871MünchenbuchseeProjektgruppe HB9F, BernSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1010678788279 km2557 km
871MünchenbuchseeProjektgruppe HB9F, BernSwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:123926102941 km2941 km
877Orchard HillsAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2021-08-01 19:11660000 km0 km
878AldershotRED, Dual 1m 12turn shielded, ...United KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1011101502 km1833 km
880TeramoRED-10.3/12.3 - Ferrite Rod, S...ItalyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:101063260352 km502 km
881Ursprung10.3GermanyEurope 1Running2020-08-01 05:2100000 km0 km
884StroheimAustriaEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:101110507 km667 km
885EbenseeRED - SKS 120N OE5LALAustriaEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:101111162 km841 km
885EbenseeRED - SKS 120N OE5LALAustriaAsia 1Running2021-08-01 19:12251822567 km618 km
885EbenseeRED - SKS 120N OE5LALAustriaAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:122612000 km0 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:10716268000 km0 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandOceania 1Running2021-08-01 19:1141102029 km2032 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandAsia 1Running2021-08-01 19:123414000 km0 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:123414000 km0 km
886Moffat Beach, Sunshine CoastAustralia / QueenslandAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:12418000 km0 km
887Errol2, PerthshireRED- Dual Mobius, trafoUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 06:3400000 km0 km
888GladwyneUnited States / PennsylvaniaNorth America 1Interference2019-04-08 00:1500000 km0 km
890DubieckoPolandEurope 1Running2020-01-11 14:4100000 km0 km
891BremenRED, coax loops shieldedGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:114110861 km2226 km
894Hemze, near Chocen (RED)RED system, ferrite rodCzech RepublicEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1116141414326 km663 km
895WarsawRED / Ferrite Rod 120mm outdoo...PolandEurope 1Running2021-06-21 09:2700000 km0 km
896LangezwaagNetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:10195000 km0 km
898Bienne-lez-HappartBelgiumEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:11129931163 km1446 km
899GentRED, Ferrit 20cmBelgiumEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:10118709030 km2257 km
900Rödermark Ober RodenGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:06604860639 km889 km
903ChorzowChorzow StaryPolandEurope 1Running2020-08-05 06:4700000 km0 km
905EindhovenRED - Ferrite 120mm indoorNetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1153311066 km2514 km
90676356 WeingartenSystem RedGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:0894630901 km909 km
907Tilburg-ReeshofRED: H-Field 20cm / E-Field 50...NetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1177701099 km2531 km
908Bergisch GladbachRED & SKS130/11NGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 18:50776492000 km0 km
909Ivan okr. Prostejov (RED)REDCzech RepublicEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:1071151811479 km479 km
909Ivan okr. Prostejov (RED)REDCzech RepublicAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:12234121000 km0 km
910Częstochowa dz.PółnocStacja Meteo System REDPolandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:117444103 km615 km
910Częstochowa dz.PółnocStacja Meteo System REDPolandSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:12172131000 km0 km
910Częstochowa dz.PółnocStacja Meteo System REDPolandAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:1318194000 km0 km
912Marsov u UpiceRED - H+E-field + AS3935Czech RepublicEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:11492011650 km650 km
912Marsov u UpiceRED - H+E-field + AS3935Czech RepublicSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 19:12575399000 km0 km
912Marsov u UpiceRED - H+E-field + AS3935Czech RepublicAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 19:13621335000 km0 km
913Cully 2Cully 2SwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:103929115236 km265 km
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