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List of Stations for "-" sorted ascending by Involved
(Involved = Number of signals involved in the calculation)
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2684Under constructionShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Bad GPS2021-02-17 07:0700000 km0 km
2685Under constructionShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 1Running2021-05-26 07:5400000 km0 km
2685Under constructionShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Running2021-05-26 07:5400000 km0 km
2686Under constructionShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 1Running2021-05-26 07:0500000 km0 km
2686Under constructionShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Running2021-05-26 07:0500000 km0 km
2687Cieladz / Rawa MazowieckaPolandEurope 1Interference2021-07-29 09:021377910951000 km0 km
2690Grants PassThree 0.9m Loops, 0.5m sense a...United States / OregonJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:04234070000 km0 km
2694Europe 1Running2020-04-17 08:3700000 km0 km
2700SiedlecSzymon W :)PolandEurope 1Running2020-05-28 18:1400000 km0 km
2705PolandEurope 1Bad GPS2021-07-28 19:1900000 km0 km
2706Aflenz KurortAustriaJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:04368840000 km0 km
2706Aflenz KurortAustriaAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:043688218222000 km0 km
2706Aflenz KurortAustriaSouth America 1Running2021-07-29 09:043687828851000 km0 km
2706Aflenz KurortAustriaNorth America 1Running2021-07-29 09:033703428992000 km0 km
2706Aflenz KurortAustriaOceania 1Running2021-07-29 09:033687628849000 km0 km
2707Tucson, AZSW TucsonUnited States / ArizonaAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:048792803000 km0 km
2707Tucson, AZSW TucsonUnited States / ArizonaEurope 1Running2021-07-29 09:048780979000 km0 km
2708Europe 1Running2021-06-05 14:3500000 km0 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:04367800000 km0 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:043678023657000 km0 km
2710Brgy Dalipdip AltavasPhilippinesJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:04363070000 km0 km
2711Le Porge #2711RED StationFranceEurope 1Running2021-04-22 09:4400000 km0 km
2715MungiaTesting AntennasSpainEurope 1Running2021-07-28 13:2600000 km0 km
2721Alcalá de HenaresSystem blue with ferrite rodsSpainEurope 1Running2021-07-29 08:5973546841000 km0 km
2729St. Georgen im Schwarzwaldblue test deviceGermanyEurope 1Running2021-06-15 12:2400000 km0 km
2731KalmarSystem Blue. Not complete yetSwedenJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:04194810000 km0 km
2744Stolberg / Rheinlandoffline due to floodGermanyEurope 1Bad GPS2021-07-24 13:2700000 km0 km
2748TestingSwedenEurope 1Running2020-09-15 16:2000000 km0 km
2749ButlerSystem Blue - 2 Ferrite RodsUnited States / PennsylvaniaNorth America 1Interference2020-09-30 00:2800000 km0 km
2754Europe 1Running2021-07-29 09:0385948000 km0 km
2755FocsaniRomaniaEurope 1Running2021-07-29 08:5856556000 km0 km
2756BialystokPolandEurope 1Running2020-07-16 12:4500000 km0 km
2760FlorenceSystem Blue 20.7 under test......United States / ArizonaJapan 1Running2021-02-26 13:2700000 km0 km
2760FlorenceSystem Blue 20.7 under test......United States / ArizonaAfrica 1Running2021-02-26 13:2700000 km0 km
2760FlorenceSystem Blue 20.7 under test......United States / ArizonaAsia 1Running2021-02-26 13:2700000 km0 km
2760FlorenceSystem Blue 20.7 under test......United States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2021-02-26 13:2700000 km0 km
2760FlorenceSystem Blue 20.7 under test......United States / ArizonaEurope 1Running2021-02-26 13:2700000 km0 km
2763Dalsjöfors (Smedsås)SwedenEurope 1Bad GPS2021-07-08 19:2500000 km0 km
2765WestportNew ZealandOceania 1Running2021-05-01 22:0800000 km0 km
2771Aix-les-Bains (73 - Savoie)FranceEurope 1Running2020-08-01 09:1300000 km0 km
2772Europe 1Running2021-03-29 16:5000000 km0 km
2780Europe 1Running2020-09-21 11:1900000 km0 km
2781Varsi (PR)System Blue 2x20cm Ferrite Rod...ItalyJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:042500000 km0 km
2781Varsi (PR)System Blue 2x20cm Ferrite Rod...ItalyAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:04250119000 km0 km
2781Varsi (PR)System Blue 2x20cm Ferrite Rod...ItalySouth America 1Running2021-07-29 09:04250170000 km0 km
2785PoitiersFranceEurope 1Running2021-05-08 23:2700000 km0 km
2786Europe 1Running2020-08-23 17:1400000 km0 km
2787FranceEurope 1Running2020-10-10 15:2100000 km0 km
2788ArezzoXYZ ferrite rods, 200,15ItalyEurope 1Running2021-07-29 09:037372000 km0 km
2790Scandriglia(RI)by - loop antennas and...ItalyEurope 1Running2021-07-29 08:0542000 km0 km
2791Pedara (CT) - System Blue 2791System Blue 2791ItalyAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:015431000 km0 km
2791Pedara (CT) - System Blue 2791System Blue 2791ItalyEurope 1Running2021-07-29 09:015332000 km0 km
2793Caporciano (AQ)IZ6IHN (2rods)ItalyAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:03111905209000 km0 km
2793Caporciano (AQ)IZ6IHN (2rods)ItalySouth America 1Running2021-07-29 09:03111906936000 km0 km
2795Montalto di CastroItalyEurope 1Running2021-07-29 08:586518000 km0 km
2796North America 1Bad GPS2020-09-02 22:5400000 km0 km
2798VeronaItalyEurope 1Running2020-09-21 23:3600000 km0 km
2801AnchorageJoined 09 September 2020United States / AlaskaNorth America 1Running2020-09-22 17:1400000 km0 km
2802DragasaniRomaniaEurope 1Running2021-07-29 08:56227387000 km0 km
2807BudapestkishazHungaryEurope 1Running2021-07-12 07:3900000 km0 km
2808Cassano delle MurgeTESTINGItalyEurope 1Running2021-01-30 16:3900000 km0 km
2812Branscombe, DevonUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-07-29 09:033166434000 km0 km
2813Caloocan CityPIMOHWEATHER Philippines Light...PhilippinesJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:022630000 km0 km
2816BagnaticatestingItalyEurope 1Running2020-10-12 19:1200000 km0 km
2818VeronaIZ3STA - Op. IlarioItalyJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:0472580000 km0 km
2818VeronaIZ3STA - Op. IlarioItalyNorth America 1Running2021-07-29 09:0472575164000 km0 km
2822Europe 1Running2021-06-11 20:2600000 km0 km
2826SidmouthNorman Lockyer ObservatoryUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-07-12 09:0800000 km0 km
2829ModenaIK4MGG Op.Massimo JN54KQ 2 lo...ItalySouth America 1Running2021-07-29 09:04762639000 km0 km
2838Beyrie en Bearn (64-Pau)testing, system BlueFranceEurope 1Running2021-07-24 14:3600000 km0 km
2843Saint Paterne RacanFranceEurope 1Running2021-07-27 19:3500000 km0 km
2849SpainEurope 1Running2021-06-01 19:3000000 km0 km
2852BucurestiRomaniaEurope 1Running2020-12-15 18:4800000 km0 km
2853SanteeUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Running2020-11-28 21:5200000 km0 km
2858AntalyaTA4AEI @ KM56juTurkeyAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:0416021438000 km0 km
2858AntalyaTA4AEI @ KM56juTurkeyEurope 1Running2021-07-29 09:0415991445000 km0 km
2860Czech RepublicEurope 1Bad GPS2021-05-12 21:2900000 km0 km
2862Palermo - AddauraTest mode - H - EItalyEurope 1Running2021-07-29 09:004009172000 km0 km
2862Palermo - AddauraTest mode - H - EItalyAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:00400850000 km0 km
2864CharlotteUnited States / North CarolinaJapan 1Running2021-07-29 09:04843440000 km0 km
2866Kota Kemuning, Shah AlamMalaysiaAsia 1Running2021-07-28 03:2200000 km0 km
2868TorreviejaSpainAfrica 1Interference2021-07-29 09:03169891867000 km0 km
2868TorreviejaSpainEurope 1Interference2021-07-29 09:03171092012000 km0 km
2873VigoTestingSpainEurope 1Running2020-12-26 11:1400000 km0 km
2875BergamoSystem blue. E-field antenna. ...ItalyEurope 1Running2021-07-26 02:5900000 km0 km
2876SuffolkSystem Blue | Board Rev. 19.5 ...United KingdomEurope 1Running2021-01-20 18:0300000 km0 km
2880LeipzigGermanyEurope 1Running2021-03-20 21:5700000 km0 km
2884Cape Town3x-WireLoop 10T-0.48m dia. & W...South AfricaAfrica 1Running2021-07-29 09:04448418000 km0 km
2884Cape Town3x-WireLoop 10T-0.48m dia. & W...South AfricaSouth America 1Running2021-07-29 09:04448425000 km0 km
2886Chatham IslandsNew ZealandSouth America 1Running2021-07-29 09:04119351236000 km0 km
2888Algiers2 Ferrite Rod Antennas - 20cmAlgeriaEurope 1Running2021-07-29 09:038377000 km0 km
2889Villaverde del DucadoSpainEurope 1Running2021-07-03 20:5000000 km0 km
2890System Blue, winteringRussian FederationEurope 1Running2021-04-24 13:2000000 km0 km
2891System Blue, Waiting for Sprin...Russian FederationEurope 1Running2021-05-24 12:4400000 km0 km
2893Japan 1Running2021-04-08 02:3800000 km0 km
2893Asia 1Running2021-04-08 02:3800000 km0 km
2894FrieschepalenNetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-07-21 03:3700000 km0 km
2896Kembla GrangeAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2021-07-29 08:40280000 km0 km
2897System Blue, настройкaRussian FederationEurope 1Running2021-04-20 12:1000000 km0 km
2899System Blue, настройкaRussian FederationEurope 1Running2021-04-19 14:4100000 km0 km
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