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(City = City in that the station is located (assigned by the user))
StationCityCommentCountryRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
1156LelandTesting low gain loopsUnited States / North CarolinaNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:0485581184126 km255 km
2737LekerydCoax loop antennasSwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:034140401318 km1328 km
1661Leipzig-GohlisBlue, 2x200 FerritGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0332000 km0 km
735Leipzig / LößnigGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:021441105615311120 km1960 km
2880LeipzigGermanyEurope 1Running2021-03-20 21:5700000 km0 km
2832Leicester2x20cm Ferrites/50cm E-FieldUnited KingdomEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0491741101841 km1920 km
283Lehesten / WetzsteinGermanyEurope 1Offline2019-04-07 01:1600000 km0 km
801Legnano - MISystem RED - posizione provvis...ItalyEurope 1Running2020-05-17 16:2600000 km0 km
2918LegionowoPolandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:04322371475 km599 km
2627LeganésSystem Blue, TestingSpainEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0288801048 km2324 km
2351LeesburgUnited States / VirginiaunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:24121853215144 km3320 km
2351LeesburgUnited States / VirginiaNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:049298731612386 km2925 km
1768Ledenice - OhrazeníBlue / 3x ferrite rod / Meteop...Czech RepublicEurope 1Running2021-08-01 18:30393882339 km694 km
1707LeckGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:031571151641277 km1313 km
1707LeckGermanyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 20:05535371000 km0 km
2926LeborkPolandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0457150631845 km850 km
2926LeborkPolandAsia 1Running2021-08-01 20:0414341379107802 km976 km
2926LeborkPolandSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:0516691607000 km0 km
2926LeborkPolandAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 20:0517181398000 km0 km
2926LeborkPolandJapan 1Running2021-08-01 20:0517300000 km0 km
2541LeavenworthUnited States / KansasNorth America 1Interference2021-05-04 00:5200000 km0 km
726Le VersoudFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0235815252159 km1355 km
1485Le Soler (66)►► System BLUE ◄◄FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:03106891211735 km1768 km
2711Le Porge #2711RED StationFranceEurope 1Running2021-04-22 09:4400000 km0 km
1119Le Chesnay (78)Station Red - Ferrite - IndoorFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:031111233 km1609 km
1551Le CannetBlue - Loop antenna 1000,8FranceEurope 1Running2020-09-11 15:1700000 km0 km
2294Lawrence-Dade22 shielded ✚ RG-11 coax loop...United States / MissouriunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:242581733713477 km2691 km
2294Lawrence-Dade22 shielded ✚ RG-11 coax loop...United States / MissouriNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:0461653073793 km1838 km
1977Lawrence-Dade3 unshielded wire ◆ loops@60...United States / MissouriunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:241311094619474 km2691 km
1977Lawrence-Dade3 unshielded wire ◆ loops@60...United States / MissouriNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:0446042164687 km1838 km
1326Lavrio AtticaRED H-FieldGreeceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0322101046 km1046 km
1326Lavrio AtticaRED H-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 20:0594000 km0 km
1337Laval, Quebec :-)Ferrite rod, length=200mm, dia...CanadaunknownBad GPS2021-07-29 16:241111499 km1631 km
1337Laval, Quebec :-)Ferrite rod, length=200mm, dia...CanadaEurope 1Bad GPS2021-08-01 20:026636000 km0 km
1337Laval, Quebec :-)Ferrite rod, length=200mm, dia...CanadaNorth America 1Bad GPS2021-08-01 20:0442000 km0 km
1337Laval, Quebec :-)Ferrite rod, length=200mm, dia...CanadaSouth America 1Bad GPS2021-08-01 20:042826000 km0 km
2499LavalCanadaunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:241412123302 km4091 km
2499LavalCanadaNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:047065172925 km1210 km
361LautaSystem GreenGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:025162516241940127 km2996 km
914LausanneDétecteur d'orages LausanneSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2020-09-20 16:2900000 km0 km
2473LaupaBlue syst. E:100mm; H:30cm Mö...EstoniaEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:03192124701036 km1207 km
806LatinaRED - Copper cross loopItalyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0311111067 km1339 km
1738Las VegasUnited States / NevadaunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:2488811268 km3364 km
1738Las VegasUnited States / NevadaNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:04291263105430 km1433 km
2650LarnacaSetting up BlueCyprusEurope 1Running2019-12-04 20:2700000 km0 km
2650LarnacaSetting up BlueCyprusAfrica 1Running2019-12-04 20:2700000 km0 km
2519LaqueuilleStation RED MeteovergneFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:03444340410 km412 km
1522Lapinlahti (Keskusta)System BLUE //200mm ferrite an...FinlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0358551011720 km1763 km
583Lapinlahti (Alapitkä)FinlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:022569256916215225 km3193 km
765LanzenhäusernSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-01-09 00:5600000 km0 km
765LanzenhäusernSwitzerlandSouth America 1Running2021-01-09 00:5600000 km0 km
765LanzenhäusernSwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2021-01-09 00:5600000 km0 km
2778LannavaaraUnder setupSwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0313713711364 km364 km
2432Langueux[0 -red-1A] North/South \ [1-g...FranceunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:2455503318 km6164 km
2432Langueux[0 -red-1A] North/South \ [1-g...FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0355501964 km1971 km
2432Langueux[0 -red-1A] North/South \ [1-g...FranceNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:041616000 km0 km
896LangezwaagNetherlandsEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0114330438 km444 km
740LangesoeRED - 2 amps - 60cm loopDenmarkEurope 1Running2019-09-17 17:5300000 km0 km
1035LandshutGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:03222187 km922 km
1583Lamezia Terme (CZ), CalabriaSystem Blue HItalyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0358202001025 km1195 km
1583Lamezia Terme (CZ), CalabriaSystem Blue HItalyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 20:0421978212375 km2892 km
2431LakewoodUnited States / ColoradounknownRunning2021-07-29 16:2416161601219 km3150 km
2431LakewoodUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:0419518191222 km1097 km
1312LajosmizseHungaryEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:035555295 km382 km
2257Lahad DatutestingMalaysiaOceania 1Running2021-08-01 20:042322000 km0 km
2257Lahad DatutestingMalaysiaAsia 1Running2021-08-01 20:042524000 km0 km
2280Lagoa - Sítio das FontesMeteofontes/TroposferaPortugalEurope 1Running2021-07-27 04:4000000 km0 km
2280Lagoa - Sítio das FontesMeteofontes/TroposferaPortugalAfrica 1Running2021-07-27 04:4000000 km0 km
1786LafrançaiseSystem BueFranceEurope 1Running2021-05-26 16:5600000 km0 km
1669LachsfeldAustriaEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:037453000 km0 km
1669LachsfeldAustriaAsia 1Running2021-08-01 20:0427823611559 km559 km
1669LachsfeldAustriaSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:04288244000 km0 km
1669LachsfeldAustriaAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 20:04321141000 km0 km
1132Labico, RomeSystem RED, Ferrite Rod 20cmItalyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:035111517 km2613 km
2400La Ville-Aux-DamesFranceEurope 1Interference2020-10-12 17:0400000 km0 km
1407La Seyne sur mer 83FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 19:5900000 km0 km
794La Neuveville (RED)SwitzerlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0222215715716253 km3385 km
1022La LoupeRedFranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:031110319 km1794 km
1022La LoupeRedFranceSouth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:041313000 km0 km
1022La LoupeRedFranceAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 20:041413000 km0 km
810La Boissiere-EcoleRED - Moebius 60 cm outdoor - ...FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:021110655 km2559 km
1343La Bastide du Salat (09)FranceEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:031110563 km1801 km
2824LOHJASAMMATTIFinlandEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:041891722301216 km1520 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyunknownRunning2021-07-29 16:2415074225190 km3549 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:03681606321663 km1853 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyNorth America 1Running2021-08-01 20:04125211701513462 km1780 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyAfrica 1Running2021-08-01 20:0516361409000 km0 km
2863L'AquilaItalyEurope 1Running2021-07-30 17:2300000 km0 km
2217KöszegKendig-csúcsHungaryEurope 1Running2021-08-01 18:30135133126373 km653 km
2099KönigswinterGermanyEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0311791401237 km1242 km
2020KyotoKyoto Univ. & SITJapanOceania 1Running2021-08-01 20:047032102455 km2455 km
2020KyotoKyoto Univ. & SITJapanAsia 1Running2021-08-01 20:0410040202126 km2455 km
2020KyotoKyoto Univ. & SITJapanJapan 1Running2021-08-01 20:041070000 km0 km
2477KyotanabeORIE & SITJapanOceania 1Running2021-07-19 10:2000000 km0 km
2477KyotanabeORIE & SITJapanAsia 1Running2021-07-19 10:2000000 km0 km
2477KyotanabeORIE & SITJapanJapan 1Running2021-07-19 10:2000000 km0 km
2392Kyiv1st Station in Kyiv (E/H-Field...UkraineEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:03514820635 km637 km
2578KyivUkraineEurope 1Running2019-12-13 06:3400000 km0 km
1847KvarnåkerThis is a commentSwedenEurope 1Running2021-08-01 20:0313267601553 km1564 km
2232KvarnbergetAt SK0UX, 12 m up in antenna m...SwedenEurope 1Running2020-04-21 16:3200000 km0 km
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