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Liste des stations pour "-" trié 0 par Involved
(Involved = Number of signals involved in the calculation)
StationVilleCommentairePaysRégionsStatutDernier signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
1002Bismarck280mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-FieldUnited States / North DakotaNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 05:223514315127702946 km5019 km
1052HoldorfH & E-Field System RedGermanyJapan 2Running2023-12-08 05:216417751488 km2597 km
1086Stockholm / VärmdöSystem Red with ferrit-rodsSwedenAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:22105886662704830 km6224 km
1119Le Chesnay (78)Station Red - Ferrite - IndoorFranceSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:19174114713538 km6624 km
1119Le Chesnay (78)Station Red - Ferrite - IndoorFranceAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:19174114723306 km3551 km
1219HoustonUnited States / TexasNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 04:341515711005 km1392 km
1263Dutton Park, Brisbane300mm loops (x 44 turns)Australia / QueenslandOceania 1Running2023-12-08 05:188860711160 km2340 km
1279St Nicolas de portFranceAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:1814851703536 km3842 km
1386SimrishamnSwedenEurope 2Running2023-12-08 05:214120192701395 km2222 km
1407La Seyne sur mer 83FranceEurope 2Running2023-12-08 05:182514120970963 km1562 km
1407La Seyne sur mer 83FranceEurope 3Running2023-12-08 05:182514120970963 km1562 km
1429BerguesBLEUE Station mini loop (150mm...FranceEurope 2Running2023-12-08 05:19201571468 km2171 km
1429BerguesBLEUE Station mini loop (150mm...FranceEurope 3Running2023-12-08 05:19201571468 km2171 km
1445Hot Springs-2H: 2-200 x 7.5mmUnited States / ArkansasNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 05:224780846094771863 km2318 km
1451Clifton (Blue)H-3Δ 250X7.5mm, E-200mmUnited States / VirginiaNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:13769749701412 km2617 km
1467ZösenbergAustriaAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:22178568962732422 km5428 km
1492Łódź, Nowe Złotno (Blue)Robert SP7RBPolandEurope 1Running2023-12-08 05:21127701542 km2050 km
1492Łódź, Nowe Złotno (Blue)Robert SP7RBPolandEurope 2Running2023-12-08 05:21127701544 km1982 km
1492Łódź, Nowe Złotno (Blue)Robert SP7RBPolandEurope 3Running2023-12-08 05:21127701544 km1982 km
1503Lincoln CityBlue - two 200mm rods and E fi...United States / OregonEurope 2Running2023-12-08 05:221764333713015 km7828 km
1503Lincoln CityBlue - two 200mm rods and E fi...United States / OregonEurope 3Running2023-12-08 05:221764333713015 km7828 km
1581CourtesounBlue SystemFranceSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:22251169703181 km3384 km
1586AmagasakiShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanOceania 1Running2023-12-08 05:2157511215773454 km5105 km
1595Gothenburg, Slaettadamm1a:N-S, 1b:E-W, 1c:U-DSwedenAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:20161153700 km5204 km
1629WiesendangenSwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:22459345703638 km5513 km
1639Mühlheim an der DonauSystem BlueGermanySouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:22118364192703737 km7016 km
1648Trinityblue, 2x 200mm shielded ferrit...United States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:2128222557741248 km3922 km
1661Leipzig-GohlisBlue, 2x200 FerritGermanySouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:221440610703994 km7400 km
1666SapporoHokkaido Univ. &SITJapanOceania 1Running2023-12-08 05:21611580744716 km5572 km
1704TomakomaiShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanOceania 1Interference2023-12-08 05:215098504744684 km5528 km
1704TomakomaiShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 2Interference2023-12-08 05:21509850472567 km8963 km
1745WeimarNE5U Lightning Detection Stati...United States / TexasEurope 2Running2023-12-08 05:222066712282721030 km3592 km
1745WeimarNE5U Lightning Detection Stati...United States / TexasEurope 3Running2023-12-08 05:222066612282721030 km3592 km
1788Oberschan, SGSystem Blue in AufbauSwitzerlandSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:22124042161712385 km7012 km
1788Oberschan, SGSystem Blue in AufbauSwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:22124042161712334 km2605 km
1794Bremen-VegesackGermanyAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:2223385703955 km4615 km
1817KirunaSwedenSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:22463414705503 km8527 km
1818Renaico, IX RegionFirst station in Chile!ChileSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:22100312977743490 km3818 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue, no E fi...SpainNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:2295212828732966 km6459 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue, no E fi...SpainSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:2295212828752546 km6333 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue, no E fi...SpainAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:229521282875685 km3298 km
1840FujisawaShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 05:20746774270 km5371 km
1854Natashquan QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:21530183751950 km4585 km
1866Zakynthos Island-2sv8kou H-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:2232482270711173 km4386 km
1884Baie-Comeau QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaEurope 1Running2023-12-08 05:21406388731336 km4551 km
1889Monforte de LemosSpainEurope 1Running2023-12-08 05:218169501272265 km3201 km
1896Barnawheel, WexfordIrelandSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:22146585340733508 km6373 km
1899Banská BystricaSlovakia (Slovak Republic)South America 1Running2023-12-08 05:2248771014700 km10030 km
1901Miki HyogoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 05:21179568672462 km4990 km
1914AveiroAveiro / BLUE / Ferrite Rod 20...PortugalNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:22109042655713801 km7750 km
1920Castlemaine, KillarneyTestingIrelandNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:2224091421703366 km5669 km
1921Flores Island @ AzoresH-Field + E-Field System RedPortugalNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 05:2260675859702560 km7205 km
1951Callander, ONCallander, ON - BLUECanadaEurope 1Running2023-12-08 05:2163162400731751 km5697 km
1960Roberval QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaEurope 1Running2023-12-08 05:21657640721457 km5841 km
1997NasushiobaraShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Running2023-12-08 05:1717107387 km3921 km
2009ozeShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanOceania 1Running2023-12-08 05:21493367754063 km4862 km
2009ozeShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 05:214933677698 km5434 km
2035NiigataBlueJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 05:217937667141 km5482 km
2072AmayBelgiumEurope 1Running2023-12-08 05:122113701964 km2225 km
2075tel avivIsraelIndia 1Running2023-12-08 05:223262047631 km8942 km
2152Chichi-jimaKamo-labJapanOceania 1Running2023-12-08 05:19552275644 km3463 km
2156FujigamineKamo-labJapanJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:227118342773137 km975 km
2160KomatsuKamo-labJapanJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:2125621136751032 km4747 km
2220Pardinho - SPLittle Paradise FarmBrazilAsia 1Running2023-12-08 05:223924028510774352 km6852 km
2238OstarijeBlue, 3xFerrite 140mm +EFCroatiaAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:20250221711971 km4164 km
2243Da NangDUT &SITViet NamJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:21760518377843 km1248 km
2261HaleakalaHawaii Univ. Tohoku Univ. & SI...United States / HawaiiJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:211585147754196 km5483 km
2277KagawaKagawa Univ. & SITJapanJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:2154040277720 km4433 km
2277KagawaKagawa Univ. & SITJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 05:2154040274557 km4888 km
2297New CantonE + H-3x200x15 Shielded Ferrit...United States / VirginiaJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:22742187421876566 km4330 km
2341Pyrgos IleiasBLUE (E+H)-FieldGreeceAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:2219961971710 km3099 km
2353WhyallaMostly relying on e field ante...Australia / South AustraliaOceania 1Running2023-12-08 05:20504719027364 km827 km
2365Pano ArodesCyprusNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 05:212647815586718282 km12372 km
2383St LouisUnited States / MissouriAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:222175818339724613 km5761 km
2399ArorangiSystem BlueCook IslandsOceania 1Running2023-12-08 05:2266633047751581 km5026 km
2407MátészalkaHungaryAfrica 1Comm. Err2023-12-08 05:22219210710 km4131 km
2423CréteilStation RED (antennes ferrites...FranceEurope 3Running2023-12-08 05:222673202772448 km2315 km
2445West HarwichH-2 200x7.5mm E-100x1.5mmUnited States / MassachusettsAsia 1Running2023-12-08 05:21647332772000 km3125 km
2453Llwynhendy, Llanelli SA14 9**Delta 3 ferrite rod antenna.United KingdomAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:164628703219 km3501 km
2454Hida, GifuKAGRA & SITJapanAsia 1Running2023-12-08 05:21354354571181 km5332 km
2468Heist op den BergBelgiumAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:21163151703599 km3852 km
2469Okinawa, UrumaJS6TRQ / WC8JJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 05:2013441742264 km3919 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:22297439632731149 km4871 km
2514Poznan, LawicaSP3UKKPolandEurope 1Running2023-12-08 05:151812701518 km1739 km
2521Whitby, Ontario2x 200mm Ferrrite H-Field and ...CanadaNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:19117701744 km3422 km
2521Whitby, Ontario2x 200mm Ferrrite H-Field and ...CanadaNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 05:19117703116 km3538 km
2523North KingstownUnited States / Rhode IslandEurope 1Running2023-12-08 05:2146445872973 km5378 km
2529KumamotoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:2196462770436 km4083 km
2531SuzuKamo-labJapanJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:19464072120 km1321 km
2532TaroboKamo-labJapanJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:2012910874808 km3764 km
2553MedfordBlue - Ferrite RodsUnited States / OregonNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 05:21317045972120 km409 km
2567DublinUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:2144742172877 km4597 km
2567DublinUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 05:2144742171877 km4583 km
2571Cape CoralUnited States / FloridaNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:218245209701188 km1268 km
2571Cape CoralUnited States / FloridaSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 05:218245209701184 km1263 km
2571Cape CoralUnited States / FloridaNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 05:218245209701182 km1206 km
2587AtlantaSystem BlueUnited States / GeorgiaAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 05:2146493570734177 km5845 km
2588Paranaque, Metro ManilaChanging the settings on a day...PhilippinesJapan 1Running2023-12-08 05:22101655075613 km1021 km
2593VishakhapatnamAndhra Univ. Kyoto Univ. & SITIndiaOceania 1Running2023-12-08 05:194843743256 km4375 km
2593VishakhapatnamAndhra Univ. Kyoto Univ. & SITIndiaJapan 2Running2023-12-08 05:194843761731 km5627 km
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