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Liste des stations pour "-" trié 0 par Farthest
(Farthest = Farthest distance to a strike position in whose calculation the station was involved)
StationVilleCommentairePaysRégionsStatutDernier signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2291BlufftonH loops are square, x, y, zUnited States / OhioNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:10140081246132141307697 km4359 km
1809Hermon2x 200x7.5 mm ferrites; 200 mm...United States / MaineNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:1041393725437129777 km4359 km
982Lake KatrinePowerline noise; Shielded Ferr...United States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:1017723139001470569883 km4361 km
2433OwatonnaUnited States / MinnesotaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:091300082701298447171 km4363 km
2868TorreviejaSpainAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:1017673902501174 km4365 km
791Frankfort RxL☯ H xLoop 305mm-80/2 - E 150...United States / KentuckyNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:1010781932938711585986 km4367 km
689Frankfort Rv1✚ H-2 300x7.5mm E-350mm/2mmUnited States / KentuckyNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:109099816536851483986 km4367 km
1439Frankfort BxL▲H-3 xLoop 305mm-80/2 E-250m...United States / KentuckyNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:10172001500043331743986 km4367 km
2073FinlandAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:1038131296603764 km4370 km
2235North Wales, Colwyn BayUnited KingdomAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:09100582430503400 km4375 km
1505Eau ClaireBlue System H&E fieldsUnited States / WisconsinNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:109160682331471457238 km4376 km
2302OaklandUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:09893914101621619 km4379 km
1951Callander, ONCallander, ON - BLUECanadaEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:0920466580625684350 km4380 km
2396WilmingtonBlue Unshielded Ferrite x 2United States / MassachusettsNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:1017186103391551401741 km4383 km
2098Neerim EastAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 14:092718000142 km4386 km
1974BengaluruBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodIndiaIndia 1Running2023-10-02 14:1043363506732275 km4386 km
2431LakewoodUnited States / ColoradoNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:09357829841410200105 km4387 km
2508Europe 2Idle2023-10-02 14:104140611139 km4388 km
2508Europe 3Idle2023-10-02 14:064039611139 km4388 km
2548United States / MassachusettsJapan 1Running2023-10-02 14:10827874872331311025 km4391 km
2628Le Domaine QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:09152666614410 km4393 km
2022Jarvenpaa BlueBlue 2x20cm ferrite rodFinlandAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:109153621003791 km4396 km
2383St LouisUnited States / MissouriSouth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:10301122199012346961137 km4396 km
2580AnkenyUnited States / IowaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:09302222741902834370 km4398 km
1745WeimarNE5U Lightning Detection Stati...United States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:1021018124921158635196 km4398 km
2545MiltonBlue; 100mm E-field, 2 x 200mm...United States / VermontNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:10164991518825021277746 km4399 km
2445West HarwichH-2 200x7.5mm E-100x1.5mmUnited States / MassachusettsNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:1023402198452474452589 km4410 km
1933MilfordUnited States / PennsylvaniaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:10144281301331651226882 km4410 km
1027Praha 4 - HodkovičkyRED loop ant. 2m diameter, 8 w...Czech RepublicEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:1025718191020980 km4411 km
2936John DayUnited States / OregonNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:1032219216321280463923 km4412 km
1937Newton2 X Ferrite Rod ✓ E-Field ...United States / New HampshireNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:10534749391478387742 km4415 km
2618Wilmington, NYWhiteface SummitUnited States / New YorkNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:101861814508997421715 km4416 km
1499NewportDetector built, antenna in tri...United KingdomEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:0950473785151183 km4417 km
1742Oakhill2Blue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:101334712113436195272 km4418 km
2647GilwernUnited KingdomAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:0921731252513213 km4423 km
2283RiceH-Field: 2 - 20cm Ferrite Rods...United States / WashingtonAsia 1Running2023-10-02 14:0969105072180511281 km4426 km
1346Bobcaygeon2-1M LoopsCanadaEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:103137620947812537522 km4429 km
1743Oakhill3Blue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:10148151329935951791258 km4429 km
2545MiltonBlue; 100mm E-field, 2 x 200mm...United States / VermontNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:10164931518218721128752 km4431 km
894Hemze, near Chocen (RED)RED system, ferrite rodCzech RepublicEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:092651464901157 km4434 km
894Hemze, near Chocen (RED)RED system, ferrite rodCzech RepublicEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:092651464801157 km4434 km
2616IkskileoperationalLatviaEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:0947032810211530 km4436 km
2616IkskileoperationalLatviaEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:084683269711530 km4436 km
2383St LouisUnited States / MissouriEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:103010521986490130846 km4438 km
2661Nagy-Hideg hegyHungaryEurope 3Comm. Err2023-10-02 14:0844238013361339 km4439 km
1709Øvre Kvarv - SørfoldNorwayEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:0737341701058 km4440 km
1709Øvre Kvarv - SørfoldNorwayEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:0737341601058 km4440 km
1889Monforte de LemosSpainEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:0997148392332882 km4442 km
2828Oakhill3 x 200mm Ferrite Rods in a Tr...United KingdomAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:1016961047503198 km4443 km
2003Suure-JaaniSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaAsia 1Running2023-10-02 14:10774176738601707 km4444 km
2081DromanaNew setup, indoors for testingAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-10-02 14:0986056098285207163 km4445 km
2764Saint-HubertBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:101929311982148138790 km4446 km
2764Saint-HubertBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:091918912027151139790 km4446 km
2567DublinUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:09293227011504602822 km4448 km
2267Hythe, HampshireBlue, H Field, 2 x Ferrite (ba...United KingdomAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:10906845911762966 km4448 km
1742Oakhill2Blue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:10133531211833171669258 km4449 km
1691PrescottBlue-Ferrite+EUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:107862259733395294 km4450 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaSouth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:107381557843182910221487 km4454 km
2940KirksvilleUnited States / MissouriAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:101663710516704202 km4456 km
1027Praha 4 - HodkovičkyRED loop ant. 2m diameter, 8 w...Czech RepublicEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:1025718191010980 km4457 km
1822WilmotFiguring out settings to block...United States / New HampshireEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:103989922599927641840 km4458 km
1914AveiroAveiro / BLUE / Ferrite Rod 20...PortugalNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:0847663301503595 km4459 km
1869Minsk(BLUE)BelarusAsia 1Running2023-10-02 14:09159213848801580 km4462 km
2772Lutsen250mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-Field...United States / MinnesotaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:101206974851622475276 km4465 km
1885PozegaSystemBlue, 2x ferrite, 1 elec...CroatiaEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:101858711516156291430 km4467 km
1809Hermon2x 200x7.5 mm ferrites; 200 mm...United States / MaineNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:1041423728742166749 km4469 km
1158PaoniaOperation restored after netwo...United States / ColoradoNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:0973205637124445675 km4471 km
2950NatickUnited States / MassachusettsNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:1039012345291959487740 km4473 km
2035NiigataBlueJapanOceania 1Running2023-10-02 14:10953364918877154 km4474 km
1445Hot Springs-2H: 2-200 x 7.5mmUnited States / ArkansasAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:101415213401204376 km4478 km
2294Lawrence-Dade22 RG-11 ✚ coax loops in base...United States / MissouriNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:10435134174924471005884 km4478 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:107380157833887306690 km4479 km
2860SzentlélekHungaryEurope 2Comm. Err2023-10-02 14:0910926113821511 km4482 km
2655Athol Idaho USA╬╬╬ 30cm RED ╬╬╬United States / IdahoNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:1015791148881775573845 km4483 km
1225FlagstaffPower Line Noise:Variable GainUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2023-10-02 14:09264424561267826193 km4484 km
1734OakhillBlue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:10129181107919251136267 km4485 km
1742Oakhill2Blue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:10133491211419931085267 km4485 km
1743Oakhill3Blue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:10148101329421501190267 km4485 km
1457CarpCanadaEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:10104425001171102616 km4485 km
1457CarpCanadaEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:09104545011177102619 km4485 km
2320Calvert Island, BCBLUE with 200mm ferrite rods &...CanadaEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:1058583602163252061 km4490 km
1903IzmirTesting BlueTurkeyEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:10238213958039278 km4492 km
1903IzmirTesting BlueTurkeyEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:09237613888039278 km4492 km
2310Palmerston North. NZBlue, factory E 410mm x 10mm c...New ZealandOceania 1Running2023-10-02 14:0940323764124272079 km4494 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:104027494081917904 km4495 km
2502LBIBLUE, 20cm ferrite x 2United States / New JerseyEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:094032294181917904 km4495 km
1662Mira VEon testItalyAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:10358124501062235 km4501 km
1225FlagstaffPower Line Noise:Variable GainUnited States / ArizonaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:0926442456569389193 km4512 km
2323Kikai-jimaKamo-labJapanEurope 1Running2023-10-02 14:091086716210 km4513 km
2824LOHJASAMMATTIFinlandEurope 2Running2023-10-02 14:092171858401349 km4518 km
2824LOHJASAMMATTIFinlandEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:082181847901349 km4518 km
2689Thunder Bayhttps://youtu.be/HNiljHBG-PMCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:101324096061468387325 km4520 km
993Maui, HawaiiShielded 300 x 7.5mm ferrite, ...United States / HawaiiAsia 1Idle2023-10-02 14:0925461575982356 km4520 km
1247Exten NiedersachsenLoftGermanyEurope 3Running2023-10-02 14:106127547211410568 km4521 km
1074Nussbaumen AGSystem REDSwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:096401370712381 km4522 km
2995Kansas CityUnder constructionUnited States / MissouriAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:0937053184404225 km4524 km
2047GalwayBlue. 2X200 FE in V. E. ⚡️IrelandAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:095732503494 km4524 km
1805Herrenberg - BlueSystem BlueGermanyAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:091202796632578 km4524 km
1716Bertiolo (UD)Blue 2x20cm ferrite rodsItalyAfrica 1Running2023-10-02 14:09408331732002301 km4525 km
2283RiceH-Field: 2 - 20cm Ferrite Rods...United States / WashingtonNorth America 1Running2023-10-02 14:09691050721647468939 km4527 km
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