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Régions/Pays: current only
Liste des stations pour "-" trié 0 par Farthest
(Farthest = Farthest distance to a strike position in whose calculation the station was involved)
StationVilleCommentairePaysRégionsStatutDernier signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
1955Jupiter200mm Ferrite x2, E-field 140m...United States / FloridaAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:284953460926122963 km5249 km
2952Palm Beach GardensBlue 2x200mm Ferrites112021United States / FloridaAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:28365133851792965 km5250 km
1439Frankfort BxL▲H-3 xLoop 305mm-80/2 E-250m...United States / KentuckyAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:2810820930630133390 km5252 km
2838Beyrie en Bearn (64-Pau)testing, system BlueFranceAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:28103782622534137 km5253 km
1901Miki HyogoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:28498630674012187 km5261 km
2184Wynki, gmina ŁuktaPolandEurope 2Bad GPS2023-12-02 18:2710211231129922 km5261 km
2184Wynki, gmina ŁuktaPolandEurope 3Bad GPS2023-12-02 18:2710211231119922 km5261 km
2559NepeanBlue 2x ferrite rod, E-Probe 1...CanadaAfrica 1Interference2023-12-02 18:26512342252072942 km5269 km
2647GilwernUnited KingdomAfrica 1Bad GPS2023-12-02 18:20268171553908 km5271 km
2291BlufftonH loops are square, x, y, zUnited States / OhioNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:289565855046982050536 km5273 km
1527CranbrookAustralia / QueenslandIndia 1Running2023-12-02 18:286844521119163871 km5274 km
2555Boecillo / ValladolidEA1FAQSpainSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:27498384753840 km5275 km
2399ArorangiSystem BlueCook IslandsSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:2814831082444864 km5278 km
2828Oakhill3 x 200mm Ferrite Rods in a Tr...United KingdomAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:27622530223916 km5281 km
2302OaklandUnited States / CaliforniaNorth America 2Running2023-12-02 18:2819611109911133 km5282 km
1128Naples-1Ferrite Rod AntennasUnited States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:286792546654662414744 km5284 km
1547Ottenstein Weserbergland (RED)GermanyAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:271077876204134 km5288 km
2947AlmereSystem Blue, 2X 200MM FerriteNetherlandsAfrica 1Bad GPS2023-12-02 18:279861812897 km5293 km
2463Utica, NYBlue 2 Ferrite E field (W2UJ)United States / New YorkNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:281872175117511418700 km5293 km
2818VeronaIZ3STA - Op. IlarioItalyAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:281100682512630 km5299 km
2752Stockholm / TyresoBlue, 3 ferrite rods in triang...SwedenAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:2814391016413645 km5301 km
2451Wavell HeightsAustralia / QueenslandAsia 1Running2023-12-02 18:2839483650 km5303 km
2564Fuquay VarinaUnited States / North CarolinaAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:274837941628662848 km5306 km
2039GerringongBlue 100mm E 2x200mm FerriteHAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:282239414203379192117 km5308 km
2704saint clement de rivierered station : ampli 12V3, cont...FranceAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:2655655612492 km5310 km
2005ColchesterUnited States / ConnecticutSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:28311416765282881431 km5312 km
779Rheurdt-SchaephuysenGermanyAfrica 1Idle2023-12-02 18:2612361602874 km5315 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:28286320811020212759 km5321 km
2916Island of Syros2Shielded loop, manual mode tes...GreeceIndia 1Running2023-12-02 18:2842036201081880 km5325 km
2470HerentalsBelgiumAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:2772551825512777 km5328 km
2543WatervilleH-(2) Unshielded L 200x7.5mmUnited States / OhioNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:286815609360932984603 km5329 km
2331Hinxworth, Baldock, Herts.E field & 2 FerritesUnited KingdomAsia 1Running2023-12-02 18:2889737027814289 km5331 km
2677The Vines, PerthWork in progress.Australia / Western AustraliaAsia 1Running2023-12-02 18:28816032418160 km5336 km
1351Vaassen 2RED: E-Field 40cm and H-field,...NetherlandsAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:282044219577702923 km5343 km
2399ArorangiSystem BlueCook IslandsNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:2814831082553632 km5346 km
2358BLUE 3x ferrite + E fieldCzech RepublicEurope 2Running2023-12-02 18:27209556228826627 km5348 km
2358BLUE 3x ferrite + E fieldCzech RepublicEurope 3Running2023-12-02 18:27209556228525627 km5348 km
1671Cham/Zug (BLUE)Stations 1671SwitzerlandSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:2726392305502762 km5352 km
2445West HarwichH-2 200x7.5mm E-100x1.5mmUnited States / MassachusettsAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:282973258622112335 km5353 km
2155Mountain Lake Bio. Sta.UVa hosted, VT managedUnited States / VirginiaSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:27182181097214881119874 km5353 km
2445West HarwichH-2 200x7.5mm E-100x1.5mmUnited States / MassachusettsSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:282973258613104031499 km5358 km
1027Praha 4 - HodkovičkyRED loop ant. 2m diameter, 8 w...Czech RepublicEurope 2Running2023-12-02 18:272011103718320531 km5360 km
1027Praha 4 - HodkovičkyRED loop ant. 2m diameter, 8 w...Czech RepublicEurope 3Running2023-12-02 18:272011103718120531 km5360 km
2720KattisavanSM2GSR blue coax loopsSwedenEurope 2Running2023-12-02 18:2786646001685 km5366 km
2720KattisavanSM2GSR blue coax loopsSwedenEurope 3Running2023-12-02 18:2786645801685 km5366 km
969GdańskRED H: loop 90cm sh.+ E 30cmPolandSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:28149713461232949 km5366 km
1498WittenBlueGermanyAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:236848702910 km5373 km
2121CradocLoop AntennaAustralia / TasmaniaOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:28292002342217190893 km5378 km
1833KingstonLoops N-S and E-WAustralia / TasmaniaOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:28451843509412645880 km5382 km
1110SouthfieldUnited States / MichiganSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:2311384081411665 km5385 km
2381KopavogurIcelandAsia 1Running2023-12-02 18:2766747635121516 km5386 km
2932Wilmslow3xFerrite 300, 10 + EUnited KingdomAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:25538278633113 km5394 km
1743Oakhill3Blue with 2x200mm ferriteUnited States / TexasSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:287757695422121333597 km5394 km
2002CoventryBLUE 2x20cm ferrites+EUnited KingdomAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:25311159554039 km5401 km
1671Cham/Zug (BLUE)Stations 1671SwitzerlandAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:2726392305602964 km5406 km
2381KopavogurIcelandNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:27667476623814 km5408 km
1866Zakynthos Island-2sv8kou H-FieldGreeceEurope 2Running2023-12-02 18:276654801437492 km5408 km
1866Zakynthos Island-2sv8kou H-FieldGreeceEurope 3Running2023-12-02 18:276654801447492 km5408 km
1862KaruseKO18UO ES3ATEstoniaAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:2814781472100 km5410 km
2156FujigamineKamo-labJapanOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:2710501776527 km5412 km
1052HoldorfH & E-Field System RedGermanySouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:224918303428 km5414 km
1022La LoupeRedFranceAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:283422139514053 km5417 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaEurope 2Running2023-12-02 18:2826320187911431263 km5417 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaEurope 3Running2023-12-02 18:2826323187941431263 km5417 km
747SalisburyRED - G4KCM H + E + AS3935United KingdomEurope 2Running2023-12-02 18:2790468229621342 km5418 km
747SalisburyRED - G4KCM H + E + AS3935United KingdomEurope 3Running2023-12-02 18:2790468229221342 km5418 km
1168ColchesterRED, 200 mm ferrite rods, shie...United States / VermontNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:28313719181918602809 km5418 km
1613PortarlingtonSystem blue. 100mm E-fieldAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:2845314187588166486 km5418 km
2160KomatsuKamo-labJapanOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:2832911435241147 km5423 km
819St Laurent de la Salanque (RED...REDFranceSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:2776863945544454 km5423 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineEurope 2Running2023-12-02 18:28286320811715963 km5425 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineEurope 3Running2023-12-02 18:28286320811715963 km5425 km
2545MiltonBlue; 100mm E-field, 2 x 200mm...United States / VermontNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:28149713911391735818 km5427 km
2648MaroubraAustralia / New South WalesOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:273327119015662196 km5428 km
1720APIASMD & SITSamoaJapan 1Running2023-12-02 18:145649840 km5429 km
2118BlackburnSystem Blue 19.4 @ v9.4, H two...Australia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:284026231850717628460 km5433 km
919AcheronOnlineAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:281556312392506369412 km5435 km
2139MooroolbarkV9.5b1 Blue, quiet PSU, low im...Australia / VictoriaOceania 1Idle2023-12-02 18:2865426167715438455 km5439 km
819St Laurent de la Salanque (RED...REDFranceAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:2776863946434444 km5442 km
2019TakayamaKyoto Univ. & SITJapanOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:28500926813720138 km5444 km
2709ValparaisoUnited States / IndianaNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:28263161878862832398659 km5445 km
2235North Wales, Colwyn BayUnited KingdomSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:271072441052682 km5445 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:282863208124102423 km5446 km
1323SilvanAntenna approx 4m above groundAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:28109706137306165465 km5452 km
2492ArchontikoSV1QVE Blue 20.6 E & HGreeceAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:28226013801401473 km5456 km
2577Bogota D.C.MICNC-EMC-UN [2.1] getting rea...ColombiaAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:28122571004713133677 km5458 km
2622Virginia Beach, VA+ H-200mm ferritesUnited States / VirginiaAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:283914096581472671 km5460 km
1788Oberschan, SGSystem Blue in AufbauSwitzerlandSouth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:2755791423722727 km5470 km
2513Leonow [Chelm]System Blue || lubelskie ||PolandEurope 2Running2023-12-02 18:2747538130728752 km5471 km
2513Leonow [Chelm]System Blue || lubelskie ||PolandEurope 3Running2023-12-02 18:2747538030527752 km5471 km
1854Natashquan QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaNorth America 2Running2023-12-02 18:28102248928521659 km5481 km
2517Oro Valley 2United States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2023-12-02 18:2810769713450256431604 km5486 km
2430FarmingtonHx2 200mm E 300mmUnited States / New MexicoNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:2819909241612513111763 km5487 km
2487Regina, SaskatchewanFerrites 3 x 250mm x 7.5mm - E...CanadaNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:282487208220822331700 km5491 km
1670Regina, SaskatchewanFerrites 3 x 200mm x 10mmCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:27806704704951700 km5491 km
2098Neerim EastAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-12-02 18:28149419394516198490 km5499 km
1492Łódź, Nowe Złotno (Blue)Robert SP7RBPolandAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:272626400 km5502 km
1346Bobcaygeon2-1M LoopsCanadaNorth America 1Running2023-12-02 18:2815399105957148705966 km5505 km
2003Suure-JaaniSamuel Institute of TechnologyEstoniaAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:26365318804043 km5507 km
2176Huntsville (Green Mtn)United States / AlabamaAfrica 1Running2023-12-02 18:281330538552043511 km5507 km
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