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List of Stations for "-" sorted descending by Used
(Used = Number of selected signals used to compute the strike position)
StationPilsētaCommentValstsRegionsStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
2605BLUE, e-field ~75cmUnited States / New JerseyNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:021267128975101850 km3432 km
2776PlanaBulgariaJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:03163514232510892 km1432 km
2789BandeirantesTest phaseItalyJapan 1Running2023-12-08 23:031624126724101181 km4891 km
2818VeronaIZ3STA - Op. IlarioItalyNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:037249469334102790 km4632 km
2856Churchtown Dublin 14Located in South DublinIrelandEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:0265540839101554 km3842 km
2906BUSSET (03270)FranceEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:032496166735710974 km9111 km
2978Manchester1-245x15mm F rod vertical moun...United States / TennesseeNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 23:035885582942101899 km4431 km
2985Chichijima-IslandSITJapanJapan 1Running2023-12-08 22:531710101065 km1272 km
797Palestrina (RM)ItalyEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:036846132579795 km4445 km
909Ivan okr. Prostejov (RED)REDCzech RepublicJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:02112078592249120 km9160 km
936BarcsHungaryEurope 1Idle2023-12-08 23:023953609591234 km2117 km
936BarcsHungaryEurope 2Idle2023-12-08 23:0239536018791110 km2262 km
936BarcsHungaryEurope 3Idle2023-12-08 23:0239536018891110 km2262 km
946Sherman300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, AS3935United States / ConnecticutEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:021681511192624 km2899 km
1075Warrington, Cheshire (RED)RED - Indoor H FerritesUnited KingdomEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:031911121029691740 km8251 km
1156LelandTesting low gain loopsUnited States / North CarolinaNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:0235353591760 km2008 km
1241IzeauxFranceEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:02209911501439842 km3771 km
1259Monte Penice (PV) - CML+IW2MILItalyEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:03249221504519885 km8994 km
1259Monte Penice (PV) - CML+IW2MILItalyEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:03249221504499885 km8994 km
1294LerumSystem RED ferrite rods 20 cmSwedenJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:021371361392675 km3130 km
1377TreffiagatFranceEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:0261683593491318 km3277 km
1413YamatoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Running2023-12-08 23:026179138139337 km918 km
1413YamatoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:026179138129338 km766 km
1439Frankfort BxL▲H-3 xLoop 305mm-80/2 E-250m...United States / KentuckyEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:022372191092235 km3750 km
1530TokyoShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanAsia 1Running2023-12-08 23:022115119183 km5382 km
1558CosmoKazakhstanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:03165515082193719 km4176 km
1628Bos-cha, GR (BLUE - Haus)BLUE - HB9DRT - HomeSwitzerlandEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:03468133382439827 km4742 km
1684TverSystem BlueRussian FederationAsia 1Running2023-12-08 23:035213391159992067 km5286 km
1689AnkaraYM2KA - ANTRAKTurkeyIndia 1Running2023-12-08 23:0310926503199349 km3820 km
1838VolcanNew - comments to: lightning [...PanamaSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:0314763111684491045 km3902 km
1846SinesCT4RK/blue/2 X 38cm Moebius lo...PortugalEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:038494530537691114 km7892 km
1846SinesCT4RK/blue/2 X 38cm Moebius lo...PortugalEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:038494530537991114 km7892 km
1854Natashquan QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:0312956291691629 km4180 km
1877SANTANDERSystem BLUE H1/E1 3FerritasSpainEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:03123828162879996 km4045 km
1921Flores Island @ AzoresH-Field + E-Field System RedPortugalEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:03263234163419627 km5781 km
1933MilfordUnited States / PennsylvaniaNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 23:03213420126492490 km4704 km
2263Champs-sur-Tarentaine (Cantal)Laboratoire de Recherche sur l...FranceNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:022041873292177 km4072 km
2267Hythe, HampshireBlue, H Field, 2 x Ferrite (ba...United KingdomEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:03724862419991554 km5380 km
2267Hythe, HampshireBlue, H Field, 2 x Ferrite (ba...United KingdomEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:037248624127391326 km8264 km
2281Darwin - AnulaAustralia / Northern TerritoryOceania 1Running2023-12-08 23:02600631802191087 km2634 km
2294Lawrence-Dade22 RG-11 ✚ coax loops in base...United States / MissouriNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 23:022122024991994 km4900 km
2320Calvert Island, BCBLUE with 200mm ferrite rods &...CanadaSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:0319494511993784 km5072 km
2321ChardSystem Blue since Nov 2018United KingdomEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:036810285519491622 km4145 km
2321ChardSystem Blue since Nov 2018United KingdomEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:036810285519591622 km4145 km
2353WhyallaMostly relying on e field ante...Australia / South AustraliaJapan 1Running2023-12-08 23:0263481098993275 km5439 km
2383St LouisUnited States / MissouriNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 23:0317846166514192163 km4362 km
2412KamancHungaryEurope 1Comm. Err2023-12-08 23:021941935391310 km1921 km
2498OlatheUnited States / KansasNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 22:59179990 km5025 km
2507Poznan WNGiG UAMAdam SQ3EYCPolandEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:034762286667791816 km4479 km
2512SouthamptonBlue - 2x ferritesUnited KingdomEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:033179175726791594 km8891 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:0210525481791608 km3303 km
2577Bogota D.C.MICNC-EMC-UN [2.1] getting rea...ColombiaAsia 1Running2023-12-08 23:031081583701291632 km2010 km
2737LekerydCoax loop antennasSwedenJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:021251211192597 km3050 km
2782Roveredo in Piano (PN)System Blue H + E - www.meteor...ItalyEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:023100165140991107 km4310 km
2834Bristol / BathBristol 70cm Repeater GroupUnited KingdomNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:02249710684791847 km3728 km
2861DvorBlue 2x200mmCroatiaEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:0311807172539934 km4359 km
2864CharlotteUnited States / North CarolinaAsia 1Running2023-12-08 23:03925145612591787 km4129 km
2898SavonaXY ferrite rods, 200,15ItalyEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:03495231962529802 km4448 km
2906BUSSET (03270)FranceEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:03249616673559974 km9111 km
2925NaplesUnited States / FloridaSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:0356994046409886 km4330 km
2956WindeckTest Station for H-Field Ferri...-Asia 1Running2023-12-08 23:0240736511391561 km4070 km
2970Uozu-2SITJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:0110999151 km4971 km
765LanzenhäusernSwitzerlandEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:033568255747381076 km9416 km
798LincolnUnited States / NebraskaSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:0231046831382077 km2452 km
985CalgaryCanadaNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 23:02652562188833 km3601 km
993Maui, HawaiiShielded 300 x 7.5mm ferrite, ...United States / HawaiiAsia 1Idle2023-12-08 23:025544506884150 km4713 km
1093Prescott (Red)Relocated from N. Bethesda, MD...United States / ArizonaNorth America 2Running2023-12-08 22:581086498772 km2510 km
1139Graz - RagnitzSystem RED, ferrite rods, shie...AustriaEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:031771142819881249 km4502 km
1323SilvanAntenna approx 4m above groundAustralia / VictoriaOceania 1Running2023-12-08 23:031746013118657 km1076 km
1341LuumäkiFinlandEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:038250705433382590 km4701 km
1445Hot Springs-2H: 2-200 x 7.5mmUnited States / ArkansasAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 23:0371035700441184150 km6126 km
1487le tholonet (BLUE)FranceEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:02852632898644 km3809 km
1586AmagasakiShonan Institute of TechnologyJapanJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:02743216991081030 km5019 km
1705Schagerbrug, JO22JSNetherlandsEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:022061403983 km8765 km
1745WeimarNE5U Lightning Detection Stati...United States / TexasNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:02174065226981651 km1768 km
1818Renaico, IX RegionFirst station in Chile!ChileNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:0217280105991283375 km9298 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue, no E fi...SpainEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:031328442351982076 km3301 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue, no E fi...SpainSouth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:031329142351082546 km6333 km
1838VolcanNew - comments to: lightning [...PanamaAfrica 1Running2023-12-08 23:031476311168983750 km5834 km
1838VolcanNew - comments to: lightning [...PanamaEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:0314763111681281127 km11955 km
1838VolcanNew - comments to: lightning [...PanamaEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:0314764111691281127 km11955 km
1914AveiroAveiro / BLUE / Ferrite Rod 20...PortugalEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:021929614504281547 km8005 km
1914AveiroAveiro / BLUE / Ferrite Rod 20...PortugalEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:021929514504281547 km8005 km
1921Flores Island @ AzoresH-Field + E-Field System RedPortugalNorth America 1Running2023-12-08 23:03263234161308648 km5039 km
1974BengaluruBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodIndiaOceania 1Running2023-12-08 23:03688139121083491 km4496 km
2037AlmatyKazakhstanIndia 1Running2023-12-08 23:0288881069 km4392 km
2080HassocksUnited KingdomEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:036522411343181403 km8971 km
2184Wynki, gmina ŁuktaPolandEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:022887185541581888 km4656 km
2220Pardinho - SPLittle Paradise FarmBrazilAsia 1Running2023-12-08 23:032289818130882751 km6852 km
2268MedulinLDPMCroatiaEurope 2Comm. Err2023-12-08 23:028872388879 km1900 km
2268MedulinLDPMCroatiaEurope 3Comm. Err2023-12-08 23:028872388879 km1900 km
2332Chapel Hill,Using mag field only - 3 ortho...Australia / QueenslandJapan 1Running2023-12-08 23:01328077982342 km5949 km
2344FunchalC-3GM 3x38cm Loop indoor + Fil...PortugalEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:031101289624581639 km3210 km
2359DalbySystem Blue, E and 3 orthogon...Australia / QueenslandOceania 1Running2023-12-08 23:01141212521182038 km2562 km
2365Pano ArodesCyprusEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:0217899944361861 km1692 km
2413KingstonTESTING: indoor antennaUnited KingdomEurope 2Running2023-12-08 23:032830159922281425 km8470 km
2418Morley, PerthAustralia / Western AustraliaIndia 1Running2023-12-08 23:0251531191384228 km4714 km
2512SouthamptonBlue - 2x ferritesUnited KingdomEurope 3Running2023-12-08 23:033179175726681594 km8891 km
2543WatervilleH-(2) Unshielded L 200x7.5mmUnited States / OhioEurope 1Running2023-12-08 23:025435011282595 km3637 km
2575St. GeorgeTwo 200x15 mm Ferrites; 100 mm...United States / MaineJapan 2Running2023-12-08 23:0210525481284035 km13651 km